Friday, September 24, 2010

The Pre-Season's Over Boys!

The past can't be changed, the Dawgs are 1-2. What we can do is just "pretend" that the first two SEC games were just pre-season, and clean house from here on out! A 9 game winning streak could salvage everything that has been lost thus far.

Results or Reasons

I heard a speech yesterday from a high school football coach. In the speech, he was asked about a recent loss. He simply said, I could give you several reasons, but what people want are RESULTS.

Amen to that. The Dawgnation wants some results, and let's start with some positive ones tomorrow!

Dawgs 34 - Dogs 13


  1. Oddly enough, I just noticed you and I picked almost the exact same final score.

    I have UGA 34/ Missy 10.

    I won't complain if either of us are right.

  2. Me neither! I'm seriously emptying all my coins on this one! If I lose, I may be done for the season when it comes to betting.

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