Thursday, September 2, 2010

If Boise State Played In The SEC

I have written about my disdain for Boise State getting so much attention in the past. For instance, we all know what happened in the UGA v. BSU game.

Since the hype is going crazy again this year, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what would happen if Boise State had the same schedule as the Dawgs this year. Here are my predictions as to what the outcome would be.

Sep. 4 Louisiana-Laf. - BSU rolls (1-0, 0-0)
Sep. 11 at S Carolina - BSU loses (1-1, 0-1)
Sep. 18 Arkansas - Mallet throw for 400 yards (1-2, 0-2)
Sep. 25 at Miss. State - BSU gets first SEC win (2-2, 1-2)
Oct. 2 at Colorado - BSU wins (3-2, 1-2)
Oct. 9 Tennessee - UT is down (4-2, 2-2)
Oct. 16 Vanderbilt - BSU slams (5-2, 3-2)
Oct. 23 at Kentucky - BSU squeaks (6-2, 4-2)
Oct. 30 at Florida - LOL (6-3, 4-3)
Nov. 6 Idaho St. - BSU can breath (7-3, 4-3)
Nov. 13 at Auburn - AU rolls (7-4, 4-4)
Nov. 27 Ga Tech - hmmm (7-5, 4-4)

I really thought about each one of these games, and gave the benefit of the doubt to BSU pretty much every time I was unsure. A realistic record for the Broncos would be 7-5 with the very same schedule that the Dawgs will play this year. Even if you adjust for a 1 game margin of error, BSU is sitting at 8-4 (best case) or 6-6.

I would love to hear some other opinions on this subject. Let me have it!


  1. Ive been saying the exact same thing to anyone that will listen. Give boise state a month to prepare for a season opener or a bowl game and they can beat just about anybody. Give them an sec schedule where they have to play a real team every week and they are 8-4 at best

  2. I have to agree. Not only are you playing tougher teams each week you also have to deal with the wear and tear of a season that beats you up physically and emotionally. Can you imagine most SEC teams playing Boise State's schedule?

  3. So you just slap up some W/L predictions w/o any justification for each game and call that a "realistic record". Typical lack-of-thought from UGA fans...

  4. Not sure I agree. I don't know why, but I'm not sure. You cannot base your decision on the way Georgia beat them a few years ago. Different teams, different year, and you know as well as I do that anything can happen on a football field. Will the games be high scoring, yes. I think they out score Arkansas and Auburn, and murder GA. Tech. I can see them losing to SC and Florida, but not by blowouts. I think they can compete in the SEC, but will NEVER play in the SEC, so why even dream it?

  5. Nick,
    With all due respect. This is a blog. I have nothing more to go on than my obsession with college football, and the extensive research I do pertaining to it.

    You are right, no one knows until the games are played, like when UGA beat BSU 48-13.

  6. Give Boise St. any of the kind of recruits you get in the SEC and I guarantee you they would do better then 8-5. Their coaching staff is better then every team on this list besides Florida and don't forget Urban Meyer came from a Non-BCS school.

    7-5 with our walk-ons and no star recruits is better then half the SEC with 3 Stars and still sucking it up.

  7. Bo,

    That team that UGA destroyed was one of the teams that started this media obsession with BSU. Talk to me after Monday night. If they hang with Va Tech, I'll eat my words on this blog, and publicly apologize to all BSU supporters.

  8. Bounmy,
    I'm not even really sure how to respond to the "if they had different players" comments. If UGA "had" Android football players running all over the field, they'd be hell to stop I imagine.

  9. My opinion is that if Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, or UGA, not to mention Bama or Florida, had Boise's schedule each would have an excellent chance of running the table.

  10. Dawgy just made the most sense of everyone that has posted on this blog including the author.

    Andy, that team was garbage in 2005 compared to some BSU teams in the past couple of years. I am going to hold you to that apology. It's going to be an interesting game, but VT wins by 14.

  11. Dawgy,

    I completely agree. There are a bunch of Dawg blogs out there discussing that same sentiment, which is why I chose to "pretend" BSU had UGA's schedule.

    If you think VaTech wins by 14, then I have no real argument with you. The 2005 team was garbage after the Dawgs demoralized them! It set the tone for their whole season. In later seasons they continued their lollipop schedules.

  12. Put Boise Junior College in ANY auto-bid conference - even the Big East - and they'd be no better than 9-3, and no one would ever consider them championship contenders.

  13. I can't see them beating Pitt or WVU, but they might be able to get the best of the less physical of the Big East teams. Though facing talent every week would probably add another loss to the record. So I could see a 9-3 in the Big East. As for the Tech game, not a snow ball's chance Boise comes out on top. They may hang with us for the first half, but we haven't given up a single point in the second half over the last 5 games. And I don't see them taking a full half of pounding and coming out in the second half to stop the run. We just have too many good backs for them to stop us the whole game. I would be shocked if the game is within 2 touchdowns.

  14. HaHa, I cannot wait to watch this game. It will be within 14 points, BSU ahead of course.

  15. Ok - two words THE GRIND! - it's not that almost any team (even BS) can't beat a good team with a good scheme and time to prepare. But when you week-in and week-out face the size and speed of teams in the SEC the grind will get you - it's why until someone proves them wrong a one loss SEC team (still has to be conference champ - ala UGA's snub a few years back). There are injuries sustained by playing bigger faster opponents that you just don't have in the smaller conferences, and those usually have HUGE implications to the seasons outcome.

    Yes I believe teams like Boise who have had some success in the past few years would recruit better initially if they moved to the SEC, but with a few 3-4-5 loss seasons they would assume the common ranks of Miss. St, Vandy, KY, etc. with flashes of improvement, but those moments would be occasional and fleeting.

    I am SOOOOO looking forward to Monday night - If VT beats them by more than 2 td's, the hype will be over!

  16. You guys are so full of yourselves, its disgusting at first but just plain humurous once you stop vomiting. It just makes you feel so much better to tell yourself Boise State would be dominated by your conference. Can you sleep better at night now that you've gotten it off your chest? Have you stopped the bed-wetting now? You guys can have your obnoxious, arrogant and ignorant conferences all to yourselves. Boise State will just take the National Championship. Go change your sheets.

  17. Brian,
    I'm full of something alright. I'm full of the memories of what happened in Athens that hot summers day when Boise State came to play the big boys. Boise is fun to watch, but they would just another Kentucky if they played in the SEC.

  18. If Boise State played in the SEC... then they'd enjoy the same advantages of using the brand and money to help with recruiting, facilities, marketing, etc. Thus, this is a near pointless exercise. Sure, this team in that scenario might experience the record you're suggesting, but they might also over-time become much better. We'll likely never know, and that's part of the appeal of cfb.

  19. Andy, I agree with you 100% man! We heard this same crap before the Dawgs beat them up and down the field. Now it's the same story - plus the newly added "everyone's to scared to play us" bs. Let's hope VT buts an end to this Monday night.

  20. "That team that UGA destroyed was one of the teams that started this media obsession with BSU. Talk to me after Monday night. If they hang with Va Tech, I'll eat my words on this blog, and publicly apologize to all BSU supporters. "

    We are waiting. Post it at OBNUG while you are at it. That way it's not just the "Dawgs" that read it...

  21. Bleed Blue,

    Apology done. With as much grace as I could muster! :) I'll go check out ONBUG and see if I can post it there.

  22. A few points from a Bronco fan:

    1) I must apologize to all BSU-detractors for the lameness of the "if we were in the SEC we'd have better recruits" comeback. Your argument is that BSU does not have the athletes to compete RIGHT NOW. This particular BSU response misses the point. It basically boils down to "but it's not fair!" Rather, we have to make the counter-argument that BSU is good enough right now to win.

    2) However, I don't get the "any team can beat another with months to prepare" argument. If this is true, the results should be 50-50. Since 2006, the Broncos are 4-1 against teams that finished in the Top 10 of polls (potentially 5-1 pending how VT ends up). How can the Broncos consistently win these games? The only way this is a realistic factor is if the Boise St coaching staff is really much, much better than any other team's staff. If this is so, why haven't SEC fans and alumni associations petitioned their teams to make a god-offer to Chris Petersen?

    3) The real comeback to the "BSU goes 7-5 argument" is this: it is completely unrealistic to theorize a schedule where the Broncos must travel so far out of their geographic region week to week. A four game stretch with 2,000 mile road trips to Kentucky, Florida and Auburn? I agree that BSU loses at least once (maybe twice) in such a tough stretch. I know that SEC fans have a superiority complex, but how does Georgia do in the PAC10 with three road games against Arizona, USC and Oregon in a four week span?

    The more realistic hypothetical is for the Broncos to play in a geographically logical conference such as the Pac10. Running the table there would surely garner a title game invite. I think BSU has a much better chance (though certainly tougher than their current schedule) to win the PAC10.

  23. Andy,

    Thanks for being a man of your word. I hope our teams can meet again soon so that we can try and "even the score"...

  24. BleedBlue,
    Without my word, I have nothing. I would actually LOVE to face an undefeated Boise in a BCS bowl come January!

  25. Anon,

    I actually wrote this blog with the thoughts of Boise's current team playing through the glasses of the Dawgs. So, I would say they were playing out of Athens, and traveling from there as well. The PAC 10 should definitely look at adding BSU though!

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