Monday, September 27, 2010

4th and 1, Two Minutes To Go In The 4th

I liken the situation that Mark Richt is in right now to a big football game. You have the ball with two minutes to go in the 4th quarter of a tied ball game, and it's 4th & 1. What are you going to do Coach Richt? Do you punt and play defense? Or, do you tell your team to give it all they've got and get the damn first down? All you need is one yard.

For ten years at UGA, Mark Richt has punted and trusted his players and coaches to win the game. At this point in this debacle of a season, it's time for Mark Richt to check himself. Do you want to go all in and see what kind of coach you really are, or do you want to "keep doing things the way we have been for years"?

I know what I would do if I were in his situation. I would take back control of my offense, trust Todd Grantham to get the defense in shape, and see if I could start to score some points. You're the head coach Mark, and your offense is sputtering, drastically. Don't fire Bobo, just simply say "step aside kid", and watch the man that designed some of the most feared offenses of the 90's go back to doing what he does best.

Richt is not a firey guy. Never has been, probably never will be. We all loved him none-the-less when he was winning. Now that he's losing, I hear people say they want Richt to "show some emotion". I don't want emotion from Richt, I want to put 50 points on the scoreboard this Saturday against a much less talented Colorado team (hell, I just want to win a game actually).

Richt, let Grantham be the emotional leader for this team, it's who he is. As for you, just go out there and start to gameplan putting points on the board!


  1. 4 and 1 implies you have a chance to win something. We already four games in, do not.

  2. If you don't think the Dawgs had at least a chance to win each of the last 3 games, then there's no point in me even debating you. Opinions, they're kind of all know the rest.

  3. Putting points on the board is not the only problem this team has. CMR is losing the respect of his players. Another one arrested. They don't play fundamental football. The O-Line is under performing, I haven't heard you address this issue yet. Ealy is coughing up the football on the goalline, defenders are going for the knockout blow instead of wrapping up, stupid penalties are killing drives, and they play with not emotion or killer instinct whatsoever. It reminds me of the 1998 North Forsyth Raiders. No one has a clue!!! Play calling was better, but is he going to play action pass every passing down. They won't beat Tennessee playing like they have been, and hell they might not beat Kentucky. I think they have NO shot at Florida or Auburn, unless something drastic happens.

  4. I tend to try and not blog on things that have been hammered already. I'm still sitting on the fence when it comes to Richt and the hot seat. It's definitely warm, but for now, he needs to do something.

    This post is more of a "what Richt should do right now".

    Off the field problems are a joke. Recruit thugs, and of course they are going to stay in trouble. Maybe he will stick to a zero tolerance policy from here on out.

    I think it is evident that one of the biggest problems of all is the strength and conditioning of this team. Besides Bobo being inept.

  5. We've been telling Richt what to do for years, and it seems as if we are accurate in pointing out and describing the issues that plague this team. It all boils down to... will Richt listen?

    If he doesn't, he won't have many seasons left at Georgia.

  6. Good analogy. I'd sure like to see him scheme to attack teams. Right now it appears the the attitude seems to me more of a fear about making mistakes-- playing not to lose instead of playing to win. I'm a big fan of CMR. I hope he can pull it out. If I were him I would rather get fired because of me instead of my assistants. I think Grantham has the defense headed in the right direction, though it is a work in progress. The offense needs to built around Murray and to exploit the athletes we have and put pressure on defenses. Bobo is just too cautious. It really shows when Georgia gets in the red zone.

  7. From an Auburn fan, please please win this weekend and represent the best conference in the land. SEC forever.

  8. From an LSU fan please don't fire Richt so we can fire Miles and hire Muschamp before y'all

  9. From a Florida fan please don't fire Richt so you can continue to be our bitch. We won the East when you had the #1 draft pick and #1 running back drafted in the same backfield and still could not make it to Atlanta!

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