Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State Proved Me Wrong

I made a mistake once before. Then I found out that I just thought I was wrong, and upon further investigation, my assumed mistake was a mistake. Last night, BSU jumped on Va Tech before they knew what hit them.

To make a long story short; I didn't even have a chance to watch any of the game last night because I was returning from a family beach trip. Boise State fans, players, and staff, to you I say "I am sorry". You played one of your two games you have to prepare for in the regular season last night, and came out victorious.

I still say this is what would happen if Boise played UGA's schedule.


  1. Just be glad your Jawja Bullpuppies don't have to play Boise State. They'd get put to sleep!

  2. You're probably right because they'd be up by three scores in the second quarter! Hahahahaha! In all seriousness, I WISH we could play BSU again this year. Who knows, maybe in the BCS!

  3. I thought Virginia Tech's defense would have shown up a little better than they did. Boise State carved them up both running and passing. What surprised me even more, was Boise State's defensive line. They had Tyrod Taylor scrambling it seemed like every series. Of course, that is what Tyrod Taylor does, but it seems like they beat VT's offensive line pretty regularly. VT will bounce back. It's going to get interesting for Boise, cupcakes from here on out. If they go undefeated, they should get a shot, in my opinion.

  4. Bo,
    Sadly I didn't watch it last night, but I will definitely watch the replay. I will hold my judgment as to whether they deserve a shot at the NC game until season ends. My knee jerk reaction is that they won't deserve it, especially in lieu of a one loss BCS conference team.

  5. VT easily handed Boise 10 points to start off with great field position. Then for most of the game when Boise had to play from their own side, they couldnt score. Game ball goes to the refs that didnt call a pass interference, then a late hit.

  6. Daniel,

    If VT easily handed Boise 10...Boise returned the favor by giving them 14 off great field position/turnovers. Don't hate...celebrate!



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