Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aaron Murray Has The IT Factor

I was chomping at the bit Saturday night to write a blog about Aaron Murray's performance in his first ever career start for the Dawgs. People have been saying it since he was a junior, and I have hoped and prayed it was true. Aaron Murray may just be one of those players that has the "IT" factor. He's below average height for a top QB, his arm is not phenomenal (as made evident by his attempt to throw it out of the end zone, YIKES), and he doesn't have world class speed, but....

Murray's first half stats were really good, and I LOVED the touchdown to end the half, even if it was a bit risky to give up a sure 3 points. Murray seemed at times to have eyes in the back of his head when he was flushed out of the pocket. The one play when he scrambled and hit Orson Charles on a "come back to the QB" was probably my favorite play of the game. It was a close race with that play, and the one where Murray avoided a sack and ran out of bounds to burn a play. When a QB learns that sometimes you have to eat the ball, it's a HUGE step in the right direction.

There is no real way to describe what is meant by the "IT" factor. It may be defined different depending on who you talk to. Tim Tebow had it at UF, Brett Favre has it anytime he plays, Montana had it, does Murray? If he does, this may be the beginning of something very, very special.


  1. Tough to say after week one against UL-Lafayette, but he had a good game. We will find out this Saturday at South Carolina. I think the buzz really should be how good, and different the defense looked. That's what got me excited. They seemed to fly to the ball. Besides one big play, they looked great. Now, I didn't get to see the whole game, I promised my son a trip to see Toy Story 3, but I was impressed.

  2. Bo,

    I'm already working on my story about the "Grantham Black Pack!"

  3. I gotta agree, the offense (aside from Durham, Murray, and Orson Charles) was pretty tamed and vanilla. I expect it to look very different once AJ, Washaun, and Tavarres King are back into the game next week...yes, I'm being optimistic that AJ will be in the clear by the NCAA within the next 48 hours.

    But the defense... I was actually excited to see them on the field, and when was the last time you could honestly say that?!



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