Friday, September 24, 2010

Buck Belue, Do You Need A Hug?

According to Buck and Kincade, if you write a blog about UGA football, you must be some nerd that lives in your parent's basement. Well, I may be a nerd, but I live with my wife and little girl, and I would take a football X's & O's test versus Buck Belue any day of the week, and make a max bet on my chances at winning!

Buck Belue has spent the past two weeks bashing anyone that says one negative word about (his apparent new best friend) Mike Bobo.

A few of Buck's blogs and quotes from recently:
How Georgia Wins 24-7
"They say the 'Dogs can't run it, can't protect the kid QB, the playcaller is bad, the head coach can't motivate, the defense is blowing assignments, and can't stop good running backs or top-notch passing quarterbacks. Georgia is terrible, right?"

Good News For Dawg Fans
"Some of you have responded with some interesting emails over the last few days. A few of you have insisted that I apply for the OC job, if I know so much. Not a chance. If I was in Mike Bobo's spot, I would have told the lunatic fringe to stick it where the sun don't shine by now."

Circle The Wagons in Starkpatch
"The critics are out in the open full blast. Fire Richt. Fire Bobo. Some fans are killing them under the cover of some stupid blog name. Other fans are getting enjoyment out of websites designed to tear down this proud program. You've probably heard some furious fans saying something like this: "I'm not donating another dime to the program, because I deserve better than this." Had one guy at the coffee shop telling me how our blocking schemes were outdated. When I asked where he coached, he told me he was a roofer."

Ignorant To Blame Bobo
"I haven't heard any of this from Richt, Zeier, Greene, Stafford, or Shockley, but a portion of the Bulldog Nation is blaming Coach Mike Bobo for the 0-2 start in the SEC. The Blawgs are killing him. Fire him. A disaster. He's gotten worse every year. That's just a quick sample of what some Georgia fans are writing and saying. Man, that's cruel. Unmerciful. And uneducated."

Buck, with all due respect, facts are facts. When you're losing, you deserve criticism. Please tell me how you defend 21 play action passes last week when our running game was stinking it up? I mean, obviously you have a defense since Bobo deserves no blame according to you.


  1. Could not agree with you more. Buck Belue could not be more confused. It must benefit his career for UGA to be mediocre. Do you think he just enjoys being the last national champion that much?

  2. Buck Belue is a dbag. I would love to meet these people that are wanting him to be our O coordinator. What a joke...he is his own biggest fan.

  3. Buck4GA, you may be on to something there. That, and I don't think he's very smart.

    Anon, surely they were all just being smart a$$es. Buck couldn't even spell "offense" without the number 34.

  4. I don't get all the "proud program and great tradition" talk. Georgia has won the SEC 2 times since 83 while the basketball team has won 3 SEC titles during that time (83, 90, 08) !!!!

  5. I am certainly proud of my program, and the tradition that has graced this state for over 100 years! Do I wish we had the championships that Bama does? Certainly! Will I keep on donating and hoping for more? You bet!

  6. The only reason people know who Buck Belue is, is because he had the good fortune to hand the ball off to Herschel.

  7. You didn't even list the 1 that got me started with BUCK BELUE.

    Buck had a blog on Friday the 17th of September about SUPPORTING MIKE BOBO. As Buck always does, NO ONE'S COMMENTS ARE EVER POSTED TO HIS BLOG.

    You read a pontificating blogger with ZERO COMMENTS ALWAYS.

    I replied to it.

    Checked back on my post later to see if he would have the guts to post my reply, and he TOOK THE WHOLE BLOG DOWN, where it remains to this day.

    We are 1-5 vs the last 6 SEC East opponents.

    We are 2-6 vs the last 8 SEC opponents.

    Coach Richt's "coaching staff" states that it is all the players' fault. Repeatedly they have said this daily to the press, as we all have read.

    Now, the players, or at least Nick Williams has fired BACK to Coach Richt's "coaching staff" that it is the fault of the "coaching staff" of Coach Richt.

    And, we have the LUNATIC FRINGE who post EXCUSES, such as the sky is not falling, and everything is just great. We win 91 games. They NEVER not once, point out we have now lost 29.

    Let me break down these 29 LOSSES a little further for you with this great "coaching staff" put together by Coach Richt these 10 years.

    The worst "coaching staff" in America.

    3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams assumes neither Arky nor South Carolina will end up being Top 10.

    17-21 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams assumes that both Arky and South Carolina will end up being Top 25.

    10-11 vs SEC East Opponents after the 2005 season to-date. By the way, there is ONLY 1 opponent for us that entire time.

    8 LOSSES in 10 years to teams NOT RANKED Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

    Now, Georgia finds only 3 states in all of America with more high school players who go on to the NFL : Ca, Fl, and Tx.

    We signed NO ONE in-state on Offense 2010.

    We will be signing NO ONE in-state on Offense 2011.

    The RECRUITS have told Buck Belue the reason for this is the boring inept Offensive "coaching staff" of Coach Richt.

  8. Even Coach Richt SAID he would play a FAR MORE PROMINENT ROLE on Offense THIS SEASON. He has NOT. In fact, if you go back to 20 December 2000, Coach Richt LIED TO US ALL THEN that he would be coaching our offense. It IS what we hired him for.

    For the last 4 years, we have averaged 21 fumbles a year all 4 years, 13 interceptions a year all 4 years, and # 96 Average in Penalties all 4 years.

    40 games we have scored no more than 2 Touchdowns, we have LOST 29 of Coach Richt Era games of this 40 in the Coach Richt Era of no more than 2 TD.

    We have averaged the # 52 NCAA Total Offense for the entire Coach Richt Era and are # 81 today for this year.

    Mike Bobo Coach Richt stole from Jacksonville State, where he was the 1-year Quarterbacks' coach there and now Coach Richt's Offensive Coordinator since 2007.

    2007, we beat NO ONE. We beat Urban Meyer's worst team a 4-loss Florida. We lost to South Carolina a 6-6 team who didn't even play in a bowl game and lost to really sorry vols' team in a complete and utter blow-out.

    2008, we beat NO ONE. We were ranked # 1 to start with and gave up consecutive points of 31 to nothing at halftime, 42 consecutive and 29 consecutive points to the ONLY 3 TEAMS we played in 2008.

    2009, we beat # 13 Final AP Poll Georgia tek, and relegated the ACC CHUMPionship game to NOTHINGNESS before Georgia tek LOST their Bowl Game to have lost now EVERY MAJOR BOWL GAME all the way back to 1955. That was right after we LOST to Kentucky at our house.

    2010, we beat NO ONE. We lost to an Arky team with NO DEFENSE. We lost to South Carolina, who like Arky has a BETTER QUARTERBACK than we have.

    Mike Bobo had the # 57 NCAA Rushing Offense WITH Knowshon Moreno.

    Mike Bobo had the # 87 NCAA Passing Offense WITH Matthew Stafford.

    Mike Bobo PREPARED NO QUARTERBACK for 2006 and we LOST 4 games; Mike Bobo PREPARED NO QUARTERBACK for 2009 and we LOST 5 games, and Mike Bobo PREPARED NO QUARTERBACK for 2010 and we have LOST 2 of the 1st 3 games already.

    BUCK BELUE, put your blog BACK UP of 9/17 and have a pair. By the way, Buck, what I replied on 9/17 is that I NEVER SAID I wanted to be the O.C. I simply pointed out that there are THOUSANDS who are better than Mike Bobo.

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