Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Said It Before, I'll Say It Again

The Dawgs are really missing the boat when it comes to AJ Johnson out of Gainesville High School. I've been watching the kid since the 6th grade, and he is more than legit. On a high school football field, AJ is a man among boys/toddlers. If you didn't have the chance to watch him single handedly dominate North Hall tonight, you missed a hell of a one man show. He WAS the Gainesville offense. That's right, he doesn't even usually play offense. Linebacker is where he is really special. COME ON DAWGS, make a last ditch attempt at this kid!


  1. Can you not tweet this to Grantham?

  2. If you read the article, you learned that Grantham loves him. He doesn't like UGA. Willie Martinez and Co didn't want him. I'm guessing they didn't want him because he's an aggressive down-hill player who would be great at rushing the passer....but if you're going to ask him to sit back on his heels in a soft-zone and allow passes all day, he's not going to be very good.

    Credit Martinez and Jancek for screwing up another one. If there's any way Grantham can get this kid, he'll get him. He loves Johnson.

  3. Actually, AJ has wanted to go to UGA since he was a little boy. From personal conversations, they have never shown interest, even when Grantham came aboard.

    He is very jaded now though, so it would take a LOT of convincing.

  4. “I don’t understand it really,” Gainesville coach Bruce Miller told me. “Georgia’s a long story. The previous defensive staff [headed by Willie Martinez] didn’t like him as a linebacker. [New defensive coordinator Todd] Grantham came in and said he loved A.J. as a linebacker in their new 3-4 scheme but by then he already moved on I guess.”

    So, I guess he's lying?

  5. Recruiting, we have REAL PROBLEMS

    We got no one in this state last year in the 2010 Signing Class on Offense.

    We are in same situation again this season for the 2011 Signing Class in-state on Offense.

  6. No one is lying. UGA didn't offer then, and they haven't offered now.

  7. I watch this kid every week being from Gainesville. and ask myself being a huge UGA fan. WHY ARE WE NOT GOING AFTER THIS KID !!!!!!!!! It is a huge disappoint that Georgia has this talent 45 min. up the road and wont give him the time of day. I stand on the side lines every Friday night looking at all the Tenn. recruiter dressed in their Orange, IT MAKES ME SICK TO MT STOMACH !!!!! We

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