Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changes Have To Be Made Richt, Or You Gotta Go!

I have been Mark Richt's #1 supporter since the day he took the helm in Athens. I gave him a ton of flack for not getting rid of Willie Martinez sooner, but still stood by him as a head coach. Either Mark Richt changes up this offensive staff immediately, or I will no longer defend him when the "hot seat" talk picks up steam.

After watching the debacle that just took place in Sanford stadium today, Mike Bobo has got to go. Immediately! The play calling for 3 quarters was some of the most comical stuff I have seen in a UGA football game in my life.

Aaron Murray, to you I say, GREAT game. You are a player, and I can't wait to see what we are going to get out of you over the next 4 years. Big time players make big time plays. Aaron Murray is a big time player, Mark Richt, so LET HIM PLAY!



  2. I'd like to hear some more specifics, a play-by-play rant.

  3. He made changes last year, he will do what needs to be done this year. I support him till I die just like you. The only way I would not be ok with Coach Richt right now is if he hadnt let Willie go, and admitted the change was needed.

    He will do what needs to be done this year as well. I Hate to see a dawg who played here go, but if Bobo cant get it done, we have to move on. I support if he is willing to do what is needed... if not then make the move.

  4. So explain to me how those 3 Arkansas touchdowns on busted coverages were Bobo's fault. Go ahead, I'm listening.

    Mike Bobo did not lose this game.

  5. And the offense "only" put up 392 yards, the most so far this season. Any OC worth his salt gets you to 400 every game, right? This post shows why most bloggers should not post for 24 hours after a loss. It prevents writing stuff that just doesnt make any sense.

  6. What some people fail to realize is that the yardage total at the end of the game isn't what shows the skill of an offensive coordinator. Yardage and such shows you the ability of a team to execute a game plan. If the team is able to move the ball given the plays that are called, they will have decent results. We don't want decent results. We want victories. For a while now, UGA has been unable to put away good opponents. We've beaten most of the teams we should beat, though we do lose to teams we shouldn't. We've been able to blame Martinez, and today people will blame the busted plays on defense. However, you can not deny that for 3.5 quarters, Bobo had not called a good game. The intial drive was "passable" but mainly because Murray hit a deep pass that put UGA on the 10. Three Ealy runs later, we were on the one, and Bobo called a bootleg and it paid off. It surprised everyone.

    Then he went to sleep. We didn't have a runninggame, yet he called I-Formation Playaction on 3rd and 9. Want to playaction on 3rd and 9? Fine. Do it...but do it out of a formation that puts more playmakers on the field, and gives murray a better chance, with his eyes down the a shotgun pro-set.

    How about the 3rd and shorts (yes, plural) when all receivers were running 15+ yard routes? Absolutely no one for Murray to check down to? That's dumb.

    And let's not even get into the Wild Dog mess. It's not really paying off for us. I'm sure it may down the line, and so he keeps showing it. If he shows it, opponents have to prepare for it. But, for my money, I'd rather see him line up with three and four wideouts and let Murray challenge defenses. Our running game isn't coming along for some reason, and that is something Bobo has to recognize before there's 10 minutes left in the game. They weren't covering our guys well when we were in 3 receiver sets. How do we not stay in it?

    When you go back and look at Bobo's track record in big games against good teams, he doesn't cut it. I'm going to do a blog on it tomorrow. Hope you'll check it out.

  7. Y'all must have saw a different game then me. I saw a 3-4 defense that game up almost 500 yards and then a touchdown drive (play) with less than a minute to go in the game. Last year it was the DC's fault, now this year its the OC's fault. Sooner, real soon, the blame will be where it belongs, on Saint Mark's head.

  8. First of all, this post is about the offense, not the defense. Yes, the defense gave up way too many big plays yesterday. I feel confident that Grantham will get things straight on that side of the ball.

    Mike Bobo, on the other hand, has always been inept in my mind. I will give him the benefit of the doubt no more.

    I find it hard to believe that any knowledgeable football fan can't see the potential Murray has if we design our offense to suit his strengths.

    The UGA offensive staff has to learn to adapt to what they are given, not just run the same old plays that are "part of the package".

    Good coaches have good systems. Great coaches modify their systems on a weekly basis to score points.

  9. So how many more losses before Saint Mark takes over the offense?

  10. It is just a total packages when it terms of Changes.. amanda vanderpool fashion

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