Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are The Dawgs A Fraud?

Personally, I think this team has the potential to go at least 10-2. Only losing two games took a huge hit last week when we were smacked in the face by the Cocks. Now, this week will be a huge testament to what this team is really made of. My sportsbook has the opening line in the Dawgs' favor at -4. That means, Vegas thinks that Arkansas is coming into Athens, and they are going to keep the score really close in UGA's home stadium.

I figured the line would be even worse actually, but I'm sure it will be closer to Arkansas -1 by the time kickoff rolls around on Saturday. Heaven knows the betting public is most likely going to jump all over the Razorbacks as an underdog.

I think the Dawgs will take care of business Saturday because we match up much better against this team. I feared all along that a stout running game would give the Dawgs fits, and it did last Saturday. Against Arkansas, the Grantham 3-4 should be a perfect fit to stop that high flying Petrino attack. Justin Houston must be salivating to get a shot at Mallett dropping back 30-40 times.

If the Dawgs are exposed this week, they may be considered a "Fraud", but I just don't see it happening. After all, how can it be the Decade of the Dawg if we start out 1-2?



  1. 0-2 SEC record after this week. SEC Championship hopes will be done.

  2. UGA had success getting to Garcia, and they will have more success getting to Mallett. That will be the key to the game. They need to hit him, and hit him hard. If you give him time to throw, you are going to be in trouble. Arkansas doesn't have an elite running game, or a RB that anyone has ever heard of, so I think the Dawgs grind it out and win a close one. Justin Houston might have 25 sacks.

  3. Hopefully the SC loss will act as a wake up call and get these guys motivated to hit someone. I almost threw up when I saw some players literally standing and watching lattimore run past them.

    If the worst happens this saturday, I think there's every chance the SEC East winner will end up with two losses at the end of the year. Florida play @ bama with LSU and south carolina at home. SC have tough games @ UF, @auburn and home games with bama and arkansas. Might even be feasible to have a 3-loss winner in the East. Let's hope not.


  4. Who will get Muschamp first, UGA or LSU?

  5. Neither. Peterson will be at one before he will. Most likely LSU.

  6. If we go 0-2, does Richt take back the play calling



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