Friday, September 3, 2010

The Decade of the DAWG Eve

A few months ago, I began using the term "Decade of the Dawg". I'm sure it has been used before, so let me know if someone owns the copyright. As we sit here today, anxiously awaiting the 12:21 kickoff at Sanford Stadium tomorrow, I would like to reflect on why this season is going to be special. Take a look at my original DOTD post here:

-Decade of the Dawg

Everyone that will be in Athens tomorrow, please cheer a little extra for me because I will be absent from my first home opener in 12 years. While this saddens me, I am a married family man now, and a free beach trip one out over watching the STOMPING that will take place tomorrow. Please feel free to chastise me all you want about missing this amazing experience. If you will, please also give me advice on how to convince my wife and 4 year old, that the Dawgs reign supreme over a free beach trip!


  1. I'm going to the beach too. At least it will be televised. But I also hate to miss out on the atmosphere that in Athens. It is better than most beaches:)

  2. Please tell me what Alec Ogletree needs to steal a $35 scooter helmet for? I guess these guys get so propped up on a pedestal they think they can do whatever they want. I think the charges get dropped, because it was a Track and Field athlete's helmet, but goodness, how stupid can someone be?

  3. You are a piece of crap if you steal people's things, end of story. That being said, let's hope that Ogletree has some sort of a damn explanation. Like, it was laying on the ground, so I just took it. If not, I say suspend the hell out of him, even if it is just $35. Let's just hope this is another UGA Police witchhunt!

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