Thursday, September 9, 2010

GREENOUT, Calling All Dawgs

Often times, I am behind the curve when it comes to getting my blogs posted, so I like to veer from the hot topic just a bit. The entire football nation is talking about AJ Green's suspension today, and rightfully so. Matt Hinton says it best when he explains why the NCAA is completely screwing AJ, UGA, and the Bulldawg Nation!

I propose a protest of sorts to the NCAA in response to the overly harsh ruling on our beloved AJ Green. Let's all wear green UGA shirts to the game in Columbia this Saturday! I am usually opposed to team shirts that aren't the right color, but for this, I will make an exception for the following reasons:

1) AJ's last name is Green!
2) The Cocks wear a shade of red, so green will make a nice contrast to show support.
3) AJ is suspended because of the green he earned off selling his jersey.
4) The NCAA makes me want to puke green sometimes.
5) The grass in Williams-Brice stadium is green.

OK, it's starting to get a little silly.

This Saturday, I will bleed RED, BLACK, & GREEN because I still love you AJ!


  1. I heard Desmond Howard on Pollack and Bell yesterday, and he made total sense. He was talking about Reggie Bush, but in a nutshell he said that the University makes billions of dollars off of these players (ticket sales, jersey sales, etc.), why can a student not sell his/her own jersey to make some money? In regards to Bush, he stated that the NCAA has a problem with his parents living in a $750,000 house, but would not care if they lived in a cardboard box under a bridge. That made total sense to me because it is TRUE!!!! Another point of interest is that the Alabama guy is only getting 2 games, and AJ is getting 4. WTF? Sometimes you just have to wonder what the NCAA is thinking.

  2. Someone has it out for the dawgs this year. I completely agree with the article. I can not blame him for wanting to make money off his name and talent, just like many many others do. Yes, it was against the rules. However, a four game suspension is ridiculous. Lets just hope the appeal they filed with the NCAA works!

  3. As much as I wish AJ was playing, he knew what he did was wrong. True the NCAA and University make millions off of their athletes. But AJ and the rest of the team are getting a full ride to UGA. They get tutors, best class schedules, best dorms, their own weight rooms, and their own lounges. Not too bad.

    I just think its comical that we aren't this fired up when its happening to another school, but God forbid if its one of ours. He broke the rules, he is compensated. Maybe they should readjust it, but he still broke the rules.

  4. Please keep in mind that I am in complete agreement that AJ should be punished for a DUMB mistake. That being said, 4 games is ridiculous.

    Ben Roethlisberger got the same punishment from the NFL for RAPE!

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