Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Not Let AJ Green Return Punts?

This subject has been the topic of several debates that I have read. Most of them came from the pre-season, when we thought we were a pretty decent team, and that we would have our best player for the whole season. Why not let AJ Green return punts since our season is a bust already? Let's get as much out of this special player as we possibly can. We all know it's probably the last year we'll have him.

Why should he?
Wes Welker - New England Patriots' best receiver/punt returner does it.
Julio Jones - Alabama's top receiver/punt returner does it as well. Don't tell me he's better at it than AJ!
DeSean Jackson - Philadelphia Eagles' top receiver/punt returner.
Like the Senator said, what do we have to lose?

Why shouldn't he?
There's the case of Reggie Bush - New Orleans starting tailback/punt returner (until he broke his guessed it, returning punts).

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