Monday, October 25, 2010

Tell Me The Play Calling Didn't Change...

Now that the Dawgs have scored 40+ points for 3 straight weeks, I have backed off good old Bobo the Dodo. Why? Because we have scored 40+ points, duh!

Does that mean that I think Bobo still deserves to lose his OC title? Probably, but, I will hold off until the end of the season before I harp on that point again.

It has been a no-brainer that the playcalling has changed drastically. Is this a product of having AJ Green back? Most likely. If that is so, shame on our staff for having not a clue when the best player is missing. I am just in awe that it took 4 straight losses to figure out that running play action on 95% of our pass attempts is kind of ridiculous, especially when the running game is stinking it up.


  1. We scored 5 offensive TDs against Kentucky, and not one of them was through the air.

    We dominated the line of scrimmage against Vanderbilt and TN.

    We were able to run the ball, and we blocked for Murray. These were things we didn't do early in the season.

    Has the play-calling changed? A little. Is this why we're winning so big? Not by a far sight. We're winning big because the offense and defense are executing. The OL is blocking better. The defense is causing turnovers and giving the offense short fields. Don't also helps that Murray hasn't thrown an interception in weeks. He's gotten better, too.

    People love to harp on playcalling, but sometimes it's the kids, man.

  2. ...and great coaches overcome the adversity of players not getting it done. That often means changing your schemes, not waiting on " kids" to execute. It WAS broke, hopefully we have fixed it.

  3. The Offensive Coordinator have little to do with the problems of this team. This is the same guy who called the plays in '07 and '08 when we were putting up points left and right. He squeezed 25 TD passes out of lame duck Joe Cox last season. This is way beyond play calling.
    Richt lost the boys for a while. Our program has lacked toughness, intensity, discipline, and a sense of urgency since Van Gorder left. Criticizing the play calling is very tired. Look deeper into this program. Speak to some folks in the know. Go watch a practice then go watch a Saban practice. I would submit to you that Bobo is the best coach on that staff.

    As far as loosing their best player, take Newton off Auburn and let's see how they do. Look at Florida without Teebow.

  4. Ben/Natty, why do you guys post reason here? Come to think of it how did I get here? Must be more careful on the dawgbone.

  5. reipar, who comes to a blog for reason?

    Natty, do you defend 21 of 26 pass attempts to be play-action passes?

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