Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Da'Trick "ME" Rogers

OK, so he's a teenage kid...get over it, right? I will get over it, I just felt compelled to write a little blurb about the issue of decommitting.

Future recruits: If there is any shadow, hint, thought, inkling, glimmer, flickering of doubt that you will stay true to your committment......DON"T COMMIT EARLY.

Now, it's out of my system, and I wish the best of luck to all of the immature boys out there that can't stand true to their word.

Bacarri Rambo thinks it's messed up how UGA high school commitments back out on the Dawgs: "I'm telling you now when I catch you on the field I'm going to knock fire from you."

What more would you expect from Rambo!!!!


  1. Yeah, I shed two tears. Time to dry up and watch Alec Ogeltree grow into a WR killer! Maybe he will have a little something special for Da'Trick when he comes to town!

  2. Get over it, just beat UT on the field next year and all will be well

  3. I can't believe people are so upset about one high school kid. Georgia will be fine without him. Yet, if he was committed to UF or UT, and went to GA at the last minute, people in GA wouldn't be whining. Grow up.

  4. Hey, grow up and read the blog again buddy! I will always despise people that go against their word. Not just in LIFE!

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