Monday, February 8, 2010

Amazing UGA Moments

Now that football season has officially come to an end, blogging about the Dawgs can take a turn one of two ways. It may seem nearly impossible to come up with material to write about, or I may be able to have a more clear mind and speak about some things I often hash out in my own memory.

Today I thought I would take a minute and flash back to 2003 when the Dawgs played Tennessee in Knoxville. I remember sitting in the corner of the end zone in the middle of nothing but a sea of that ugly orange, staring at the ridiculous orange and white checkerboard. UGA had led the entire first half, but UT was on our 3 yard line and about to go up 14-13 to end the half. With 5 seconds to go in the half, UT ran a dive of the right side, surely about to score the go ahead touch down. That is when one of the most memorable plays happened that I have seen live at a UGA game. Casey Clausen fumbled the exchange and Sean Jones picked it up and sprinted 93 yards for a touchdown. In stead of the Dawgs going down 14-13, all of a sudden the score was UGA 20 - UT 7. That major turn of events allowed the Dawgs to go on and destroy Tennessee in a 41 - 14 route!

I guess what made that moment so awesome is the fact that the Tennessee fans that surrounded me had been annoying me to no end for two quarters. Then, when Jones changed the momentum so much, I went nuts, and my girlfriend at the time was begging me to shut up before some guy in orange coveralls jumped me. I didn't care one bit, and I remember how mid way through the 4th quarter there was more Red than Orange left in Neyland Stadium!

Go Dawgs!


  1. That was a great play. What had been annoying about that game is that UGA had pretty much dominated the first half with Tennessee's TD coming on a tipped ball that ended up being a long touchdown for them. That was truly a great moment.

  2. My son and I bought some tickets in the UT alum section. After that play I told him we would be sitting on their 50 yard line before the end of the game.We moved with about 11 minutes to go in the game witha bunch of other UGA fans. It was one of those great moments I will never forget.

  3. I too was there. I was sitting in the Knutsville recruiting section and was asked to leave because I was enjoying the game way to much in the second half. Go Dawgs!!!

  4. God I miss those Van Gorder defenses. amanda vanderpool fashion

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