Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff Whitaker Coulda Been A STUD For UGA

Every year or so, I jump on a recruit and boast that the future Dawg will be a stud. I don't have the blogs to prove it (because is only 1 month old), but I have been pretty darn accurate over the past few years.

I drooled over AJ Green for a year and a half, Knowshon and Stafford before that, and I couldn't wait for Ben Watson back in the day. I'm not always on target, but I think Jeff Whitaker could have been a force in Coach Grantham's 3-4 scheme in a year or two.

Whitaker is not only a perfect physical fit, but he seems to really have his head on his shoulders too. Give it some time, and defenses across the SEC will be figuring out how they are going to double team him every time they try to run between the tackles!

Say it ain't so Jeffrey!!!!!!!!!
He chose Auburn..


  1. he's gone...oh,'s hard to get everybody you want (unless,of course,you're Florida or Southern Cal)...☺

  2. In his interview he said he saw how he fit into the 4-3 which tells me he might have just been more comfortable with that defense since thats what they ran at his high school for the most part.

    Also, the recruit I was trumpeting was Cordy Glenn.... he's a manchild and I still have very high hopes for him in the coming years.

  3. Why is it the black kids always change their mind while the white kids are true to their word for U.G.A.When a white kid commits it is never a question of will he sign or not? Pretty pathetic!

  4. I don't really think it is a black/white issue. It seems more like the ego of teenage boys to me. They obviously love the hype, so it gets played for all its worth.

  5. I am thrilled we got him....War Eagle

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