Monday, February 1, 2010

What's New In Dawgville?

As I mentioned I was going to last week, my fiance and I made the trek over to Athens Saturday night to watch Herschel's MMA debut. I know I could have watched the Showtime fight from the confines of my own home, but just being in Athens seemed to make it all that much better to watch. Say what you want about Walker, but the man is a physical specimen. Just like he did as an 18 year old, he amazed the world with his easy defeat of the overmatched opponent. Who's next?

The Lady Dawgs are on a major slide right now. I gave them their props a few weeks back when they became the first team ever to start the season at 16-0, and now they find themselves amidst a 3 game losing streak. I'm sure Coach Landers will get them back on track come tourney time.

I am eager to see what surprises await us on the recruiting trail over this stretch towards signing day. My number one hope for now is that the Dawgs can land the Whitaker kid from Warner Robins. I think he could be a major force at the nose in this new 3-4 scheme.

The men's basketball team had a minor slide this week, but I think Coach Fox is building something special over there in Athens. Maybe we can go on a run and squeak into the tourney.

Stay tuned this week for my 2nd edition of "Would You Rather" and other exciting stuff!


  1. Dang, Herschel is ripped!
    All you Dawg fans, don't forget UGA baseball starts this month. For the past couple of years, we have had the chance to attend lots of UGA baseball games and they are alot of fun. The fans are nuts and have been filling up the stands, especially since the World Series run a couple of years ago. If you want a good time while waiting for football, go out and support the boys at Foley Field!!

  2. While you were in Dawgville watching grown men beat the crap out of each other......I was here in Gilroy watching "Splashdogs". That is a dock jumping competition to see which dog can jump the furtherest while leaping off a dock at warp speed. It was so amazing to see what some of these super dogs can do and they thrive on it. Most of them just quiver with anticipation for their next turn. It was a study in discipline, obedience and endurance. I'll watch that kind of dog any day!

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