Friday, February 26, 2010

On This Day In Bulldawg History

On this day in Bulldawg history, my mother and father welcomed into this world what would become the number one Dawg fan of all time. Little did they know, this child would be baptized into the Dawgnation as a young teen, and begin the Coleman tradition of attending the greatest university in all of the land.

So to you, Tommy and Angie, I give thanks. Thank you for raising me right, and fostering the love for the Red & Black that I hold deep within me. Thank you for your support and all that went with my blessings of becoming an alumnus of the greatest school on Earth.

1980 was the year of my birth, and we all know what else happened in that amazing year! Our Dawgs celebrated their last national championship! This 30th anniversary year will mark the next of many to come. And, of is the Decade of the Dawg!

Happy birthday to me, and I can't wait to spend the next 30 celebrating the Dawgs with even more heart than the first!


  1. Happy birthday Andy! Did you know today is my mom's birthday too?

  2. Thanks man! Tell her I said Happy Birthday! I didn't know it was. It's Chelsea Clinton too! lol

  3. A little late but I hope you had a great Birthday.
    Love from your Mama

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