Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday

Would you rather...

1)...have a top notch basketball team at UGA, or a top notch baseball program?
This is tough for me, but I guess hoops.

2)...get married on the 50 yard line in Sanford, or get married in the church of your choice?
On the G baby!

3)...bring back a young Herschel Walker to play for the Dawgs, or David Green, Pollack, Thomas Davis, and Knowshon Moreno?
Since I was only 2 when Herschel left, bring him back please!

4)...the Falcons win the Superbowl, or the Dawgs win the SEC?
Dawgs all the way! Both would be nice!

5)...marry a Georgia Tech graduate, or a Tennessee grad?
Whichever one had more money! lol

I'll keep it short this am, and hopefully get something good for later this afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Baseball. the loss two years ago to Fresno State hurt bad.
    2. G for me
    3. i loved HW i am old enough to have watched him play but this D needs all they help they can get so DP.
    4. as if i need to atually answer but i will... SEC win
    5. can i just buy a real doll instead?

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