Friday, February 19, 2010

Georgia Bulldog QB With 3 Heads?

Last night I had a strange vision, and not one that I necessarily agree with, but a vision none-the-less. The vision was of a UGA football team with multiple options playing at the QB position next season.

I will boldly admit that I am a card carrying member of the Aaron Murray fan club. That being said, I will be a true Dawg fan and support the best man for the job in 2010 as decided by the coaching staff. But, what if the best man is really the best "men" for the job? Steve Spurrier had undeniable success at Florida switching QBs whenever he felt like it. I remember watching a game during the Spurrier regime where Florida was running plays into the huddle from the sideline using different QB.

I'm not saying that Georgia should play schizophrenic offense like Spurrier has been known to do. I'm just thinking; wouldn't it be pretty tough to design a defensive game plan around 2 or 3 different QBs at UGA with all completely different styles of play? We all know that Georgia will be a run oriented offense next season, so hopefully the waterboy can line up under center and we can still be successful.

Vision In Action:

Mettenberger as the pro style QB that throws the ball all over the field!
Gray lining up in the WildDawg; will he run, will he throw, we don't know!
Murray just beating you with his uncanny ability to just make plays!

Either way, it is the Decade of the Dawg baby!


  1. the defense might have trouble scheming to stop the triple QB schizophrenic UGA offense, but our offense might have a tough time executing 3 styles of play. Remember how tough it seemed to do anything but lob it up to AJ Green the first half of last season. I say: keep it simple.

  2. Murray may not be able to throw it as far as Mettenberger and he may not be quite as elusive as Gray, but I think he's got the "total package" by a pretty wide margin over both of them. Rotating 3 guys in and out would create more problems for us than our opponent in my opinion....Murray can give a D plenty to think about on his own. My main concern with him is injury when he decides to tuck it and run. He's got to be smart about that because I think we win 2 or 3 less games next year with one of those other two guys behind center than we would with Murray.

  3. I tend to agree with both of you, just thought I'd throw this option out there. I have seen so much film on Murray that I don't see how the kid won't be a stud at this level like he was in HS. Only time will tell.

  4. The kids will earn it on the field and the coaches will decide. I only ask two things of the process:

    1) I hope we avoid a QB rotation at all costs. If you've got two, you don't have one.

    2) I hope there is a clear starter before the first game.

    Besides, in the end, if Murray still has that play-making ability he displayed in HS, he will most likely win the job outright. You can't coach play-making and when all else is equal, that will tip the scales.

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