Monday, February 22, 2010

Uga Was Already My Favorite Mascot...

...but after reading this today, he has renewed my unending love for the great white English Dawg!

In 1978, Georgia played at LSU in raucous Tiger Stadium for the first time in 26 years. While Coach Dooley was out on the field before the game, he witnessed the unimaginable.

Apparently, Uga III was invading the space of LSU’s mascot, Mike IV, near the tiger’s cage. Mike ran up to the cage’s edge and roared loudly but Uga didn’t budge. Infuriated, Mike got on his hind legs, rattled the cage, and roared even louder.

Not phased a bit, Uga charged the cage, barking ferociously at the opposing mascot. Mike sheepishly retreated to the back of his cage.

Upon seeing this, Dooley was instantly inspired and returned to his team in the dressing room. “Let’s go, men… we’ve got ‘em tonight!” he shouted to the Bulldogs prior to entering the field.

Georgia, a seven-point underdog, would go on to defeat LSU by a touchdown. But it was another bulldog, who was the first to pull an upset in Baton Rouge that night, prevailing over a 450-pound Bengal tiger.

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  1. UGA III was a little bit hard of hearing. Sometimes, a disability becomes an ability. Great story.

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