Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Them Dawgs Are Gettin' Big

Is it just me, or have UGA football players been making weight gains this off-season at a much higher rate than in the past? We all know that the test of this new strength and conditioning program will really come on the field next season, but it seems like every other day I am hearing about a player that has already gained 10, 15, and even 20+ pounds since this past December!

Chris Low says here that Aaron Murray has put on 15lbs, and check out those guns in that white dri-fit!

Of note, Robinson is up 15 pounds to 230 after playing at 215 last season. He’s moving over to Akeem Dent’s middle linebacker spot. Tight end Orson Charles is now pushing 250, and quarterback Aaron Murray was adamant that it was a chiseled 250. Murray has also gained 15 pounds and weighs 215 going into the spring. Alec Ogletree, who’s moving from safety to inside linebacker, is pushing 240 pounds.

Alec Ogletree is up to 240lbs already! I stood 2 feet away from him at the Vandy game last year and gauked at the size of the kid, so 15+ more pounds on that frame could be lethal.

We all knew that some things were lacking, and here's hoping that Joe T. really does have it going on in the weight room and the dining hall!


  1. OK with me as long as the photo of what they eat doesn't show a "Diana Ball" pill on the side.

  2. Careful what we wish for here. The "eye test" can vouch for the smaller players, but the massive bulk of a 300lb'er is not so easy. Have we established in the pool how much is flab(from eating the extra pizza and burgers sneaked in at night) and how much is muscle bulk?

  3. i still can't believe we did not have a team of nutritionists on staff unitl Joe T took over.



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