Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Front 7 Will Shine In 2011

  I will never deny the fact that I am a homer when it comes to the Dawgs, and I have expressed that over and over on my blog. There has been pretty long leave of absence lately because my wife gave birth to our second little girl last spring. But now, it is time to start talking UGABlog in full force once again!
  Most Dawg fans can't help but smile when we think about how greatly improved our front seven will be to start the 2011 season. Yes, we lost Justin Houston, but it appears that Jarvis Jones will be a dang good fit to fill that role. The likes of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and others have  talked repeatedly about our front 7, so why not get PUMPED up Dawg fans?! Chris Low reported a few of my favorite articles; here's some quotes:
LB Christian Robinson, LB Jarvis Jones, LB Alec Ogletree -- Alabama might have the most intimidating group of linebackers, but Georgia could have the fastest, most athletic. Robinson is the leader in the middle and Ogletree will be a tackling machine alongside him. Jones should help lessen the blow of losing Justin Houston outside and could be a more complete player than Houston. 
John Jenkins has been a name bandied about by Georgia fans since the end of last football season.By the end of this week, he'll be more than just a name. He'll be a member of the Georgia football team and one of the more important recruits Mark Richt has brought in since coming to Athens as head coach in 2001.
Jenkins, considered one of the top junior college defensive tackles in the country, is on his way to campus and scheduled to begin summer school classes on Friday. The Bulldogs plan to plug the 340-pound Jenkins in at nose guard. He's from the same junior college, Gulf Coast Community College, that produced Terrence Cody, and Georgia is banking on Jenkins having a similar impact as Cody.
While Cody might have been a tad bigger, the book on Jenkins is that he might be a little more athletic.
He also brings the kind of sheer size and power the Bulldogs were missing up front last season. In fact, Kwame Geathers, who's also beefed up to the 350-pound range, improved enough this spring that the Georgia defensive coaches think there's a chance they might be able to play Jenkins and Geathers together.
DeAngelo Tyson, who was undersized at nose guard a year ago, is moving to end in Georgia's 3-4 scheme, and Abry Jones will also play end.
That's four guys right around 300 pounds or bigger up front for the Bulldogs, who should be greatly improved across the board in their front seven on defense.
Of course, if Jenkins is the game-changer the Bulldogs think he is, he's going to make everybody around him look at lot better.


  1. Cornelius Washington is actually playing in Justin Houston's spot. Jarvis has taken Cornelius's role. I expect Corneilius's production to increase over last year, but Jarvis will produce significantly more than Mr. Washington had. Ray Drew will also sub for Cornelius - seldom in the first 2 games, but increasingly more throughout the season.

  2. I know that technically you are right Anon, but what I meant by that is that Houston was the feature backer in this 3-4, and now Jones will be. It's a defensive scheme that can be geared towards a playmaker at any of the 4 backer spots.

  3. Andy glad you are back! Your blog, certainly is one of the better blogs in a flooded field. Good stuff Homey!!

  4. Congratulations on your second born I have 2 girls of my on they are the greatest gift I have ever received. I'm molding them into being dawg fans everyday. Can't wait to see the dawgs go to boyz's ass.

  5. PS got a couple of Girls myself, one is a SR in college this year and she is still spoiled!!! They wrap you round their finger it's over for life Dude!!! I'm sure you would'nt have it any other way!!

  6. I want at least 3 more before we're done! All I have to do now is convince the wife.

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