Sunday, October 2, 2011

What More Proof Do We Need Dawg Fans?

I have been consistantly vocal about my disdain for Mike Bobo's coaching abilities for the past 3 years. I wondered about the appointment to OC when it took place, and now I hate it more and more each day. I don't give a rat's behind how many 500 yard performances he "coaches" us to, the man is not a good coach.

My two biggest arguments as to this notion are 1) Aaron Murray has gotten progressively worse this year; and 2) Coach Bobo cannot adapt AT ALL when other defenses do during a game (yesterday against MSU, was the offense lost in the second half).

OK naysayers, let's hear why Bobo is the man for the job?


  1. Let's go get Ralph Friedgen. I don't think he is coaching anywhere at present.

  2. The offense wasn't lost in the 2nd half (I think that's what you were trying to say, since that sentence doesn't make much sense). They simply did exactly what they needed to do. They ran the clock and played "vanilla" so that we could come out with a W. I don't care if we only put up 21 points/game if we put them all up early and then control the game/clock from there on out.

    We did exactly what we needed to to control the game and not run a risk of losing.

    If you're going to complain about Bobo, wait until some week where we come out slowly. Then you can complain. Because when we're up 3 TDs, all I want is for us to RTDB, which we did.

  3. It wasn't a sentence; rather, a parenthetical reference to a situation. Perhaps you shouldn't read "blogs" if you're looking for more linguistically enticing dialogue.

    Also, I'm a Dawg fan that never wants my team to sit on a lead with an inferior team. That, my friend, will bite you in the arse. Also, it surely does nothing to prepare you for crunch time against better opponents.

  4. Yeah, I agree with you Andy. That football bounces too many odd ways. A big lead can evaporate very quickly. I would like to have gone up, say, 38-10 before calling the DAWGS off.With a little better concentration and effort I think we could have scored 38.

  5. Not complaining about the linguistics at all. Just noting that it is a confusing "parenthetical reference." And after watching turnovers cost us 28 points against USC, I'm 100% happy sitting on a lead WHEN WE KNOW WE CAN WIN IF WE HOLD ON TO THE BALL. For you maybe that's a 28 point lead, but for Richt, Grantham, and Bobo on Saturday, that was 3 scores (18 points). Bobo may call the plays, but I guarantee that Richt and Grantham are in on the discussion of how aggressive we want the offense to be in the 2nd half.

    To say it all shorter: if we're going to win anyway, I'd rather play conservatively and not show anything to our future opponents.

  6. We beat Mississippi State by 14 points. LSU beat them by 13 and they are considered the best college football team in the nation. We scored 24 points on a stout Mississippi State defense. LSU scored 19 against them. Our defense held them to a field goal. We sacked their quarterback five times. We held them to 56 yards rushing-and they were averaging 217 yards a game coming in-and had played Auburn and LSU.

    Sell your tickets to a True Dawg Fan that will support this team.

    Nuff Said

  7. First you equate aggressive playcalling with turning the ball over? That's what I get from your comments.

    2nd Anon...I've already given up most of my tickets this season because I have a newborn baby girl! You'll never find a more "True Dawg Fan" than this man right here. So, instead of anonomously calling me out, get to know me and my writings before you make yourself look like a gutless Jackass.

  8. Good read here to explain Bobo a bit.

  9. Where is the new complaint blog about bobo for this past weekend's game against UT? We won but only by 8? Where's the bickering?

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