Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegas Thinks The Dawgs Are Pretty Good

I took my first trip to Las Vegas this past week. No man should wait until he is 30 to take this trip like I did. WOW. I am certain I could spend a month on the Vegas Strip and not see everything they have to offer. The funny thing is, I don't even like to gamble....EXCEPT on college football, lol.

The Odds Makers in Vegas have the Dawgs in the Top 15. I trust them a hell of a lot more than ESPN, or any other sports publications for that matter, when it comes to ranking teams.

Take a look at the odds board inside the Excalibur Casino. The odds were about the same in every casino I visited.


  1. You must have had a lot to those odds we aren't in the top 15.

    Looks like we roll in at 19 tied with FSU.

  2. I actually meant to put top 15, so thanks for noticing my mistake. I didn't go into much detail, but I found some college football gambling literature that collected averages across all Vegas books. I would post it, but it is in print, and I can't find it online. The averages had UGA coming in at tied for 15th.

  3. Yeah right, Florida 10-1. Bull-fucking-shit. I'll take the opposite of those odds all damn day and put $$ where it counts. Money talk, bullshit walks. And FUCK FLORIDA.


  4. I don't think you can really look at it as a Top 15 or anything like that. Vegas wants your money. Somehow having Nebraska at 6/1 is going to make them money.

  5. Am I supposed to be able to read that ?

  6. I think what I see is that they have 25 teams listed. Of the 25, only 5 have worse odds than UGA.

    If that is what we have come now in year 10 of the Coach Richt Era at a football program # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins is that we are # 20 and then that means Las Vegas likes us and thinks we are pretty good -

    SOMEONE is missing it.

    And, it is not I.

  7. Click on the pic, it opens a larger version for reading.

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