Monday, November 28, 2011

Deshaun Watson, Best of 2014

Listen up recruting powers at UGA! It's never too early to offer a future superstar like Deshaun Watson from Gainesville High School. The sophomore pheonom is proving that he is a big time player while ending Sandy Creek's 40+ game winning streak in the final 8 of the AAA state playoffs last Friday night. Here's an article with highlight film from the game last week: Gainesville Stuns Sandy Creek

Here's a quick look at his sophomore stats so far this season as well. Passing: 190/320 for 2,833 yards, 38TDs & 6ints. Rushing: 139 carries for 860 yards & 14 TDs. Did I mention that he's also averaging 41 yards per punt the few times he has had to kick it away this season.

Those stats are amazing and all, but they really don't even tell half of the story on this superstar! The recruting forums are calling him "the next Cam Newton". I say (because I know him personally) that's crazy! He's got WAY more intangibles than Cam Newton (I coached against him) ever thought about having. Namely, he's a scholar in the classroom!


  1. The kid is amazing. He is deadly accurate passing, and even while on the run. If you give him time, he will pick you apart. If you rush him, he can take off running and/or pass at the last minute. I have never seen a more accurate passer while on a full sprint. He manages the game extremely well. With a QB like this, Gainesville will have a chance for a state title this year, and maybe years to come. He is good for 3-4 playoff wins alone...

  2. Over the last 20 years GHS has had some stud quarterbacks including Chris Carperter (MLB Pitcher), Stephen Edwards, Blake Simms(Currently at Alabama), but this guy is better than all of them and just a sophomore.

  3. He committed to Clemson this past weekend.

  4. Folks, a high school sophomore's verbal commitment means about as much as.... well, let's just say that his recruiting hasn't even really started yet!

  5. To the powers that be at UGA football you are about to loose one of the best if not the best QB's in the state . Deshaun watson of Gainesville High School . He has aslready pasedd for over 8000 yards and he is a JR. He is a verbal commmit to Clemson but Ohio State is knocking on his door . This kid does not need to leave the state.

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