Sunday, November 13, 2011

Has Blair Walsh Made Mike Bobo A More Aggressive Play Caller?

There's no question that the Dawgs have become a much more aggressive bunch on the offensive side of the ball over the past three games, and most Dawgfans couldn't be happier about that. Don't give me that "Auburn has no defense" crap; they're the defending National Champs, period.

For the first time in a long time, it seems like Murray and the boys are on a mission to score TDs, a lot of them, and not just settle for points of the kind that come in 3s. Kevin Butler actually brought the Walsh topic up on the call in show last night while I was riding home from Athens. Has Mike Bobo become more aggressive on offense because of our woes in the kicking game? I would say that something obviously changed, and please keep it up because their ain't much better than whipping Auburn's a$$ the way we did yesterday!. Beating Tech and LSU will be!


  1. i still dont like the way they let off when we get a lead but ill take this play calling over last years any day

  2. Agreed, the mentality has changed due to the erratic kicking game.

  3. William, I was thinking the same thing when we started the 3rd quarter with three straight draw/zone read running plays, but then the way our line started opening up holes, it was hard to argue with just pounding it.

  4. Where did those special teams come from? Where was that tackling vs. USCy?

  5. Well my thinking with the running game is, up by that big a margin, the only way Auburn gets back in it is turnovers. Besides, wasn't nice to see Auburn just quit. Plus, I was thinking ok, hold the ball 3-5 minutes each time we touch it and just milk that clock down to give them no chance. Then Auburn quit and boom just run downhill.

  6. Andy-

    I just want to know if you played college ball and a little about your football background.

  7. Andy-

    I'm sorry, I read briefly about your football experience on your home page. I would really like to know where you coached and for how long? You say you know x's and o's but how do you prove it to the people that read your BLOG? I like a good old fashion talk about football. Exspecially UGA football. Thanks and even though I don't agree with all your points, I do enjoy your BLOG.

  8. To make a long story short...I'm about to turn 32.

    ages 5-17 Played football, quarterback, safety & linebacker

    ages 4-19 Played baseball, inf

    ages 5-15 Played basketball, pg


    Football-started varsity QB and safety as a freshman at an 0-10 first year North Forsyth High School team. Ran the wishbone, veer, and wing-t. Made all county by the time I was a senior.


    Baseball - started varsity from day one at SS, and we finished 2nd in the state my jr year, then won the state champhionship my senior year.

    Had a few small offers to play db in football, and a few more small offers to play baseball.

    Ended up at UGA my freshman year where I walked onto the baseball team and basically shagged balls for a year.

    Then I transferred to the first year program at NGCSU where I was slated to start 3rd base before a career ending car accident amputated my throwing hand.


    Coached quarterbacks and receivers at Gainesville High for a few years until I got married and had babies. At that point, my lovely wife convinced me that it was time to stop coaching football because I never got to see my family from July-November.


    I miss it every single day...but I love my family more than coaching could ever pay me back!

    Other than all that worthless information, I am OCD kind of guy that obsesses with certain things. Football scheming being one of them. So, during my tenure as a hs coach I attended coutless seminars and coaching convention where I learned from the best of the best when it comes to the Wing-T and the Spread. The Tony Franklin System is my favorite, and that whole operation has it going on! Since I quit coaching, I have been developing a software company that makes a web based software that coaches will use to gameplan, and do just about everything that is done on a day to day basis when it comes to football operations. Problem is, I have to work a full time job while I try and start that company.


    As far as my opinion...I often go back and read things I wrote in the past, and disagree with myself also. I am a coach that beleives constant change and evolution is a must in order to win at the highest level. That is unless you are at a school like Buford where your Jimmys and Joes outmatch everyone elses Xs and Os.

  9. Andy-

    Thanks for the info. I saw the passion in your blog and appreciated it. I didn't agree with some of it but hell I love my wife and I don't agree with her all the time either?!? Did you coach with Rhett roark in Gainesville? I played ball with him at Middle Georgia in 1994. I look forward to visiting your BLOG. Thanks Daniel Jordan

  10. I don't know if the play calling is more aggressive or not. I've already gotten my Outback Bowl tickets for this year, and I'm going to be there expecting to see the 'Dawgs play.

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