Thursday, November 3, 2011

Georgia, Offer Deshaun Watson Now

I really hope that the powers that be in Athens are paying attention to this kid that plays just a short 40 minute drive from Athens. UGABlog is going to do a spotlight on this sophomore recruit in a few weeks, for now, just take a look. The kid can play! He will be one of the top rated players in the nation in 2014!

Here's a snapshot of Gainesville High School's Deshaun Watson so far this season.

Through 9 games, here are his stats:
Passing: 118/197, 1900 yards, 25 TDs
Rushing: 65 carries, 451 yards, 7 TDs
(Keep in mind that he usually only plays the first half each week because they have 9 blowout wins.)

Not to mention the kid is at least 6'2", 190lbs the 10th grade!


  1. He's already got the G on his helment!!

  2. Get your eyes checked....that's a PAW!!!


  4. last hight he threw four interceptions and pretty much lost the glad Ga didn't sign him..He does fine against mediocre talent but when pressed makes poor decisions..i think it's a little early for a nickname like the "Dream" !?

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  6. Committed to advice to him, recruit some good OL to come w/ him,please.Checkout Amanda

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