Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Dawgs Need A "Clay Matthews"

Any knowledgeable football fan knows the awesomeness they are seeing when they watch Clay Matthews. I hate cheering for a kid from Southern Cal as much as the next SEC fan, but the kid can play. Sunday's Super Bowl proved to me that he is one of the top linebackers in the league.

I have wondered about this before, but now it's in the front of my head, so I blog. Why does UGA never have any good white linebackers? WOOOOAAHHH! No, I am not prejudice, I just wonder if there aren't any good linebackers that come out of this state? Maybe some of you readers can fill me in, or give me a little bit of insight, but sans David Pollack (who played defensive end at UGA), who were any other white linebackers the Dawgs have had in the last 20 years?

Once I am informed of some, I will update as needed.


  1. Whit Marshall, the greatest football palyer in the history of football.

  2. Chase Vasser, Ryan Fleming

  3. Vasser and Fleming haven't touched the field in real situations though. I know they're "on the roster", but I'm not talking about those guys. I want a PLAYA!

  4. I'm not really sure why it matters. Why can't a good linebacker be a good linebacker instead of being a black one or a white one?

  5. It matters not at all, other than I am curious about it, and love diversity. Right now, the defense is not diverse at all. Heck, I wish we had a few islanders like Palamalu on the team too!

  6. Brandon Tolbert. Started in 1995 as a Sophmore, 1996 as a Junior, and 1997 as a Senior.

  7. -Andy

    We could have a team full of Clay Matthews' all we need is a truck load of steroids.

    We will need to start them with pure Test along with a estrogen producer to prevent tit growth. We could then stack that with finoplex which produces far more strenght than a simple winstrol stacker.
    I loved his line during Matthews' time at the combine about how all the Matthews men have neanderthal brows because it is genetics....yeah the genetic that get extracted from the balls of a bull.



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