Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Do We Care About 18-22 Year Old Kids

For all of you that are as "obsessed" with college football as I am, do you ever get asked the following questions?

  • Why do you let the decisions of 18 year old boys affect your mood so much?
  • Why do you put so much time and money into a game that is decided by a bunch of 18-22 year old kids?
  • Or some other related question.
Surely you guys that are "obsessed" know what I am talking about. I got this question posed to me today by a co-worker that knew how into national signing day I was yesterday. I'm not sure I have a very educated answer to this question other than "because I love it" and "it makes me happy". I'm curious to hear what some of your thoughts are on this, and if you have any good comebacks to the questions.


  1. Because this day comes normally within 2 weeks of the contribution deadline.. I therefore care not just a little bit but a LOT about what happens on signing day, because Im about to make an investment for the upcoming september.

  2. Even people who are not into college football are probably into pro football, or are just weird.

    Pro football fans are either into the pro draft, or at least interested to know who their team picked in the first round.

    Now ask those same people if they would like to have 25 first round draft picks. If they say 'hells yeah", then say "now you know know why I like NSD.

  3. I consider UGA and investment considering the amount of money I have put into it over the years! NSD is the same as going out and getting that perfect manager to run your company to help make it more profitable. Bad signing days means my hard earned money is wasted on another 6-7 season, yesterday gave me hope and I actually hope Richt and crew can right this ship!!!

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