Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nick Marshall Will Be An All American

When I read this quote from secondary coach, Scott Lakatos, I got all giddy!
"Nick Marshall is one of the most amazing athletes that I think we have in this class. ... He’s a guy looking at defensive-back wise, I don’t usually get to coach guys like this. … He’s very athletic. He’s physical. He’s got good size to him. We’re looking forward to lining up at corner and there might be some things we try to utilize him on the other side of the ball."
I remember watching video of Marshall when he was a sophomore in high school, and the wow factor was already there. Then, I had the pleasure of watching him in the GA Dome last year when he caught the attention of the national media in a big way. Knowing that Marshall is going to play defensive back for the Dawgs is a pleasant surprise because I think he is a legitimate D-1 quarterback as well.

Having coached both quarterbacks and DB's at the high school level, I know first hand that some of the best corners and safeties are the ones who played quarterback growing up. There's nothing like knowing what a quarterback is thinking as you are waiting to pick off his pass!

Mark my word, Nick Marshall will make some noise before his time is done in Athens! Will he be an All-American? We all no that a lot of things can happen during a college career, but it wouldn't surprise me if he does! Maybe he's the next Champ Bailey!


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