Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Question For Bobo About Isaiah Crowell

In all seriousness Mr. Coach Bobo; I have given you an extremely hard time on my blog this year because of some inadequate play calling. That being said, you have done a great job recruiting this dream team, and I say YOU DA MAN Bobo!

Now, does having Isaiah Crowell on the depth chart next season mean that Carlton Thomas is still going to get his fair share of off tackle running plays?

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  1. HAHA.. very good question. My only beef with Carlton.. the way we used him. I know we didnt wanna burn the "shirt" on Boo, but seriously, did we really have to run hiim up the middle like we did? 2010 wasnt the sign of that being a bad idea...No. I take you back to Stillwater Oklahoma when Carlton got the ball up the middle and was nearly KILLED...(he fumbled on that play too)

    love the blog, thanks for visiting me I appreciate it. Go Dawgs!!!

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