Monday, January 17, 2011

Load Up The Wagon For Fox's Hounds!

All-in-all, the 2010 sports season around this household just took a big dump on my dreams of championships. The Braves got all of our hopes up, only to run into the brick wall that was the San Francisco pitching staff; and a few errors from some guy that no one has ever heard of. Then, there was the Dawgs, and my hopes of marking this decade as The Decade of the Dawg! I obviously started that a year too early, so 2011 is the start of TDOTD! Most recently, the Falcons kicked butt all season, and then get the turnover bug at the worst possible time. That and Aaron Rogers is WHITE HOT right now.

Needless to say, I've have better seasons to cheer for my teams. But wait, there's hope! The hardwood Dawgs are sitting pretty at 13-3 right now, coming off a dominant performance against Ole Miss. My thoughts are that all you bandwagon Falcon, Dawg, and Braves fans, jump on this wagon and get behind Mark Fox! This man is obviously the perfect fit to bring the basketball program back into relevance. Now, I'm not all "we're going to win the tourney in March", but I still think this team will make for an exciting next few months over in Athens!

Let's go Dawgs! Only two more weeks until national signing day!


  1. Actually, Atlanta professional sports has never seen a better year for it's teams...Braves, Falcons and Hawks all in the playoffs and the Thrashers are going to make it this year too. UGA football being in the gutter just makes everything else seem worse than it is.

  2. That's my point. They all did so well that I got my hopes up, only to be left without a championship of any kind!

  3. RPI

    # 142 Georgia tek
    # 258 Weak Forest
    # 132 Virginia
    # 107 North Carolina State
    # 91 Maryland
    # 90 Climpsum Farmers
    # 73 Virginia Tech
    # 67 Florida State
    # 38 Georgia Bulldogs 13-3

    That is not a Bubble team. # 38 has never been left out.

    Next up vols tomorrow night 18 January, who are # 24 RPI

    Predicted to Win 21 games before the NCAA Tournament.

    The Lady Dawgs are 15-3 with RPI # 25 who are at Alabama Thursday, after their resounding victory last night coming back from 16 down to beat Florida at Our Home for the 8th Consecutive Year by 6 points.

    The Lady Dawgs are also not a Bubble team, with 18 prior Sweet 16, including last season.

    Now, build them a damn gym Greg McGarity – get off your BUTT in some sport you are the manger of the coaches for.

    Atlanta Sports sucked before basketball and will again next year because 9-4 for 2011 is # 32 in the nation in won / lost - the same as 9-4 was for 2010 and for 2009.

    Anyone thinking 9-4 will make Mark Richt's seat less hot at the # 11 all-time football school in 1-A wins, in the state finding only 3 others today with more today in the NFL than our state, and us with the # 3 most SEC Football Championships here at UGA - is just wrong.

  4. That's the right thing to do is to load and make a good start! Checkout Amanda

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