Friday, January 7, 2011

Richt, Hire Leach and Both of You Can Find the Promised Land!

Half of you are going to read what I am about to say, and immediately blow it off as "that would never happen". Hear me out, and then give me some reasonable answers as to why?

Mike Leach wants to coach football again. He is, however, on a bit of a "black list" due to the fact that he is suing his former school and ESPN. Most people would agree that he is going to win his lawsuit because he didn't really do anything legally wrong, and the defendants did. Mike Leach is an offensive genius with a very proven record in a high level BCS conference. Flat out, the dude can score some points!

We heard from Mark Richt at his presser this week that some "cutting edge" changes were coming to the UGA football program, right? Well, Mike Leach is just your man to come in and install those changes.

Leach is known for engineering some extremely potent offenses and leading very prolific pass oriented teams. Everywhere he's been, the teams have broken numerous school and NCAA records. At Valdosta State and Kentucky, where he was offensive coordinator under Hal Mumme, developing their famous "Air Raid Offense", at Oklahoma under head coach Bob Stoops, and Texas Tech, where he became head coach in 2000. At Kentucky he tutored prospect Tim Couch into a No. 1 NFL draft pick. At Oklahoma, Josh Heupel became an NFL draft pick following a year under Leach's tutelage. We all know how Graham Harrell prospered at Texas Tech.

I've heard first hand that most people from the program knew these guys wouldn't pan out at the NFL level. They were just products of the nearly unstoppable system, and didn't even make a splash in the NFL. That tells me that Leach obviously got way more out of these guys than most coaches would have.

That being said, Aaron Murray would absolutely thrive under Leach's system, and we have quite a few receivers that could make plays all over the field. How would you like to see Brandon Smith in a Leach scheme? I bet the coach would salivate at the thought of having a weapon like Smith!

I am not out in la la land. I am a realist. I know that Leach would only be a temporary answer, but if Mike Bobo is such the "great coach" that Richt says he is, surely he could learn from Leach and continue the system once Leach leaves for a head coaching job.

Everyone could win from this marriage. Mike Leach could learn a thing or two about Jesus. Mark Richt could revive a struggling program. Todd Grantham could be the first coach to match a good defense while Leach's offense was scoring a million points a game. Mike Bobo could learn what it's like to be a REAL coordinator. UGA could be the talk of the NCAA, counteracting any loss of TV time that ESPN gives the Dawgs for hiring Leach.

What's not to love about signing Leach to a one year $2 million dollar contract? Let me have it anons!


  1. I wont be anonymous.. I totally support you on 3 VALID points you made.

    1. Leach learns about Jesus
    2. Coach Bobo learns about playcalling.
    3. Grantham benefits from the offense having his back.

    May not happen, but I would back it.
    IMO, if the first point were true, the whole thing would be better.

  2. I totally agree with that Stephen!

  3. how can we make this happen? lets getta goin!!

  4. Not the solution. You win the SEC by running the ball, not throwing it.

  5. Hey Anonymous, yeah it helps to run, but someone needed to remind Spurrier at Florida to run it. He may have won a few games if he had.

  6. Anon 11:59,

    Running the ball used to be about the only way to win. It still can win, example Alabama last year. But, Cam Newton didn't get a 185 passer rating by simply running the ball.

    The running game sets up the passing game, right? Likewise, the passing game can set up the running game. Go take a look at the rushing stats of teams whose QB's have the highest passer ratings.

    Stephen hit the nail on the head about Spurrier.

    A coach should not limit their team to just running...or just throwing all of the time. They should also not be balanced just for the sake of being balanced. Our running game was terrible this year, so why not take a look at the spread.

    I wrote a blog a few months ago about this exact issue. Base out of a pro-set I formation, but integrate the spread into your offense as well. It gives a defense coordinator a HUGE headache. Don't believe me, just ask one!

  7. Andy,

    You know we over at Sports and Grits agree with you.

    Be careful Andy. People are going to start saying you are hanging aroud with a bad crowd. You don't want to get a reputation as a cold-blooded sausage maker, do you?

  8. CC, as I think I said on your blog....I love Richt the man, but I can no longer defend him in good conscious until something real has been done FOR the program.

    My wife calls me a cold blooded @#$%^ all the time!

  9. actually Auburn did win by running the ball, they run the ball nearly 70% of the time which is near the tops in the nation.

    I for one would be on the Leach 2-3 year bandwagon. Make Bobo assistant HC/OC/QB coach. Let Leach learn the boy and plug him back in when Leach leaves for his next gig. sounds like a plan to me.

    I give this blog post two enthusiastic thumbs up.

  10. Anon,

    I know they are a run first team, but that is because Malzhan is blessed with great runners (Cam Newton) this year. If you look at his history, he has run it more some years, passed more on others, and almost been 50/50 a time or two in the past.

    Malzhan is a GENIUS when it comes to offense.

  11. Arr..a pirate in Athens? Do we have Jimmy Buffet sing our fight song? Can we outfit "Big Bad Bruce" with an eye patch? Our theme song could be "Yo HO a Pirates life for me", and I can see our new "swashbuckling" co-eds now! Imagine all the points we will score! Wow, looks like some real fun food for thought, but oh smack me, it is only a dream.

  12. The barn is loosing a boat load of players on offense after this season. If Malzhan can present a half way descent offense next year then in my mind he will be the Bulldogs unofficial Head Coach in Waiting if CMR can't turn the program around.

    Just my 2 cents

  13. Since the NCAA has a limit on the number of coaches a team can have who would you propose cutting loose to make room for Leach?

  14. Anon 3:13, what took you so long to ask? I was waiting for that ?. In all honestly, I think that our O-line has been such an under-performing bunch that you have to get rid of Searels. Then, let Bobo get a taste of coaching those hogs, and he can become more well-rounded as an OC.

  15. I graduated from Georgia in 1997 and am a Dawg through and through.

    I think it's funny to say that this system is better than that system and this coach would be better than the other.

    Here's the truth....Oregon's offense, Texas Tech's offense, Auburn's offense etc. is predicated on speed of snap....meaning they don't give you time to adjust, run in nickel packages or have any remote chance of catching your breath.

    How often did you see the two BCS national championship teams (Oregon and Auburn) huddle?

    They wore defenses out and punished "pedestrian" teams like Georgia who run a traditional pro style offense.

    David Greene was very successful at the no huddle offense as were Charlie Ward. A true college football fan knows that Richt's offense is lethal when it's run with (a) sense of urgency, (b)mixes the run and pass well and (c)its players are well conditioned. Did you see our two minute offense this year? They flat out were worn out.

    The one thing no one is talking about is the strength and conditioning program at Georgia.

    Irrespective of have to have the gas and instestinal fortitude to finish the game. That has been gone for two years.

    Further, ask yourself why you never hear about terroist attacks in China? Because the Chinese will skin you alive if you $^%& with them. My point...the off the field issues and on the field miscues hold no accountability. These kids need discipline and example which is why notorious pricks like Nick Saban are right up there every year. He aint your friend.

    Equally, Bill Bellicheck (sp?) is arguably the best coach in football today. Why? He is all about the details and the little things. When you hear him speak he talks about the fullbacks being too heavy on their hands on passing downs....offensive tackles selling out play action through habit....routes not being run to perfection. WHEN HAVE YOU EVER HEARD RICHT TALK ABOUT THE DETAILS? It's all subjective, high level and anecdotal...the great ones knew the game.

    Just my two cents.


  17. you've taken "smoking crack" to an all new level.

  18. I second the previous comment about smoking crack, and would like to add;.... not only are you ALL losers, but change out of your jammies and move out of grandma's basement.

  19. Come on man, you know I live in your mom's basement!

  20. I looked back, Florida won the SEC in 2008 hitting about 225 running a game.

    Alabama won the SEC in 2009 hitting bout 215 rushing per game.

    Auburn has blown that away hitting 290 a game rushing in 2010.

    You don't win the SEC throwing the football. You win it running the ball 40 times a game for 200+ yards a game.

    Leach isn't the answer.

  21. How'd leading the nation in rushing work out for Tech this year? Look boys, there are more than a few ways to skin a cat, I know that. I'm just saying that Leach would be an awesome site to see for a year or two in a place like Athens.

  22. I am just happy to know that in every games they played they win.. kudos to all! amanda vanderpool model

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