Friday, January 14, 2011

What's All This Talk About Nutrition?

The more crap I keep hearing about all of this new emphasis on nutrition within the UGA football program, the more I say.....IT'S ABOUT DANG TIME!

I took a nutrition class or two back in my days at UGA, and to this day, I pay a good bit of attention to what goes into my diet. The more I read, learn, and practice good nutrition, the more I become totally convinced that it is one of the major keys to looking good, feeling good, and performing at the highest level your body is capable of.

Kudos to McGarity, Coach T, and all those who are an instrumental part of bringing the Georgia Bulldogs into the new age of fitness.



  1. When the Russians in 1980, were so perplexed about the leaping ability of Darrell "Dr. Dunkenstein" Griffith (Louisville). There was a famous picture of Darrell with his feet above a Russian players head, going for one of his signature dunks.

    The Russian sports medicine discovered that Darrell's incredible leaping ability came from his constant eating at McDonalds. That is right McDonalds, Mickey D's, Golden Arches. T

    he Russian coaches were now requiring the players to eat at McDonald's when playing in Europe or in the America's. They even tried to steal the recipe for Big Mac's "secret sauce" (true).

    Moral to the story.....keep eating right Andy I think?!?

  2. It is rather pathetic that we are just doing this while most other so-called major schools have been doing this for years if not decades

    Shows how clueless our coaches are in general

  3. It is the good thing to have a Nutrition! Amanda Vanderpool CEO

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