Friday, January 28, 2011

What Can Drew Do For U..........GA?

I haven't been this excited about a commitment since AJ Green. Why you might ask? Well, Ray Drew is the type of guy that has a presence which will be known by all those around the UGA program. Ray Drew is a stud defensive end, yes, but more important than that are the intangibles that he will bring to the table. Just look at how he captivated the entire nation with his whole recruiting process.

When Ray Drew speaks, people listen. I firmly believe that Ray Drew is the glue that has and will bring this entire class and football program back to the forefront of NCAA football!

It's a great day to be a Georgia Bulldawg!


  1. im with you. this kid was a MUST, and we got him. kudos to the staff for the recruiting this

  2. These coaches are recruiting like their jobs depend on it. In some way, they do. I'll give them credit though, this is championship talent we are getting. I don't blame anyone for feeling blissfully optimistic about this group of guys. However, I am being cautiously optimistic. I just hope this team -- coaches and players -- can deliver!

  3. I hope at some near future press conference CMR opens up and says "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!!" GO DAWGS!!


  5. Several of us have had the privilege of seeing Drew, Rome, Ward, and Mitchell play the past few years. It was fun to watch these young men play football. Great young men dedicate to being the best. Each one of them is solid, come from very good families and excellant high school coaching staffs. Not only are they very good players, but they are winners. They play every play!

  6. As much as I absolutely love this class and think that it may end up being a top 3 class as well as being one of the finest in history at UGA. you guys must remember these guys will be freshman. They still need time to develop into SEC caliber players. Some of them will make a difference no doubt but the class in whole needs a chance to develop.
    I have no doubt that this class and next years class(which will be better than this one) will change the culture at UGA. I hope richt gets the chance to develop and coach these classes, especially this year, into championship type teams.
    It is the players that are on the team already and a few of these freshman that will give him this chance.

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