Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belue Backs Buddy Bobo

Man, that sure is a lot of words that begin that B. It's a lot of damn BS as well. I went on a tirade earlier in the season about Buck Belue always defending Mike Bobo, and HERE he goes again. The only reason that good ol Buck is defending Bobo is because they are golfing buddies.

Hey Buck, it's not that big of a deal to score 30+ on teams that were .500 or worse! Oh wait, we put up over 30 on the soon to be Nat'l Champs too, right? Auburn's defense sucked though, so surely he's not counting that! How in the HELL do you use Bobo's coaching of Joe Cox as proof of him being a good coach? Damn, why can't I get off Belue's case?


  1. If you arent the BEST for the job then you shouldnt be there. Sure hes done ok, but its plain that its stale and stagnant. THere isnt much imagination at all.

    I love bobo, and think hes heck of QB coach, but doesnt need to be our playcaller.

  2. I almost busted a blood vessel on the Carlton Thomas run on 1st & 25 that was soon to be followed by the Thomas screen. My buddy and I called both plays as soon as we got the penalty.

  3. Andy, a blood vessel or did your entire head explode? Belue's idea is to move Garner and from Recruiting Coordinator, to full time DL coach. That is all fine and dandy Buck, but there is one little problem.......which coach are you going to fire to create an additional position? You see Buck we are at the allowable limit for Asst. Coaches, so someone has to go, or a current coach will need to take over recruiting. Sorry Buck stupid plan.

    Sometimes you feel like Belue knows less then your average fan. Oh yeah he is a homer for Bobo too.

  4. Buck Belue doesn't have a clue. Bench Murray, hand the ball to Ealey a 1000x a game, and go get a NT. That's the 3 step plan.



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