Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Jumping On The Wagon

Take that title for what you will. If I was the AD at UGA right now, I would have some SERIOUS soul searching decisions to make over the next day or two. If he chooses to keep things as they are, I will have to support that decision. But, if we choose to make a change, I am in total support of that. I just watched one of the most uninspired, embarrassing football games I have seen in a LONG TIME from the Dawgs. OK, tell me how awesome UCF is in the comments now people!


  1. Andy, good post! I would have to agree with you.

  2. Watching them play is embarrassing

    Richt has shown that he has lost the team

    How many times have we now seen beat reporters say things like, 'UGA players had no energy'

    Which is what's Anthony Dasher kept saying during the game

    ZERO leadership

  3. i think it might be 2 late, I think Richt deserves another year to right the ship. If he is not successful then we can go after a new coach early. I think Malzahn would be a great fit for UGA, if MAryland does not get him this year

  4. When my son makes mistake after mistake, and I have a stern lecture for him a couple of times, it soon becomes evident that the lecturing goes just so far.

    It is time for this great program to make the changes necessary in order to bring us back into the respectful position of a true SEC team.

    I love Mark Richt the man. I was convinced yesterday that there is no longer a Coach in this great man. He is now just Mr. Mark Richt.

    -Tired of being third best in Columbus for many, many years.

  5. I have always supported Richt because of what he stands for and his value system. But I think that has carried him as far as it needs to at this point. I will always respect Richt as a person but I think as a head football coach the proof was there last night.

    That was one of the most uninspired games I have every watched in many years. No emotion, no desire, no sense of urgency, our football program has become a laughing stock in the SEC and that is NOT the Georgia brand.

    I hope if we make a change it is across the board...we need a clean slate..and bring in those who can restore the Red and Black tradition with some pride and integrity.

    Go Dawgs..sooner than later,

  6. Time to get on the Gus Bus

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