Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Auburn Should Handle Oregon

For the past week, I have been having more fun writing responses on UGA Haters blogs than posting things on my own website about the Dawgs. But, I do have something I would like to say today, and it isn't really related to UGA, other than the fact that I think this year will have another SEC dominant performance in the BCS National Championship game.

We all know that Cam Newton is amazing, and he is going to "get his" against the Ducks on January 10th. But, the real deciding factor in this match-up, as far as I see it, will be the battle in the trenches. Take a look at these stats:

AUBURN O-LINE: 6'8"-320lbs, 6'6"-300lbs, 6'3"-316lbs, 6'3"-305lbs, 6'4"-297lbs
OREGON 0-LINE: 6'5"-295lbs, 6'4"-290lbs, 6'5"-285lbs, 6'7"-320lbs, 6'5"-285lbs

AUBURN D-LINE 6'4"-256lbs, 6'2"-260lbs, 6'5"-298lbs, 6'3"-296lbs
OREGON D-LINE 6'3"-245lbs, 6'3"-230lbs, 6'7"-250lbs, 6'2"-256lbs

For those of you keeping score at home, that is a 308lb average on the O-line for the Tigers, and a 295lb average for the Ducks. On the flip side, that is a 278lb average on the D-line for the Tigers, and a 245lb average for the Ducks. The Oregon defensive line is giving up a whopping 68 pounds on average across the trenches. WOW!

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Ducks should struggle mightily with the bigger, faster, and stronger Auburn team. But, we all know that games aren't played on paper, now are they?


  1. There is something you are not seeing on this, the Ducks are way faster on both sides of the line and in the backfield... Auburn Offensive and Defensive lines are going to get worn down by the Ducks early... Cam Newton can't take this one by himself...


    maybe you should actually look into what you're talking about before you go blogging about it.

    Auburn will have the 4th largest o-line the Ducks have faced this season, and the 3rd largest d-line the Ducks have faced this season. Zona, UCLA, and Tennesee all have bigger o-lines; Cal and USC both have bigger d-lines.

    not a very compelling argument.

  3. We'll see boys! I'm thinking that Auburn's speed is just as good if not better than the Ducks. I would love to see the Ducks play Tenn again at the end of the year once they figured some things out. The Vols actually went toe to toe for 2 or 3 quarters!

    Do you think Cal and USC have guys like Nick Fairley? Do any of them have a Cam Newton or Dyer on their team? I'll eat my words if the Ducks win; will you come back and give me credit if Auburn dominates?

  4. P.S. No, I do not usually read "Addicted to Quack" before I post on LOL

  5. Now I have read the link. By 3 sources that I DID CHECK before I wrote my blog, "Addicted to Quack has the Oregon D-line at 277lb average, whereas I have them at 245lb average. Double check if you'd like, but giving up 68lbs on average for a D-lineman WILL BE HUGE.

  6. I graduated from Ga in 79 and 82. I have never been embarrassed as much as I am that Auburn represents the SEC. In every part of the country all they are talking about how the SEC cheats and Auburn is just the poster child for the conference. Even though the many allegations about the boosters have not yet been proven, the fact this person is allowed to suit up in a SEC uniform is ridiculous. The SEC should have suspended him the minute he came back to the conference after the incidents at Fla. He has never been punished by the Schools or the conference for any of his crimes, academic issues or traffic offenses. I do not plan to watch the championship game and would hope others would do the same. Every time the NCAA or the SEC conference comes down on someone I just shake my head and say what hypocrites.

  7. Arizona 7-5

    Tennessee 6-6

    UCLA 4-8

    California 5-7

    Southern California 8-5

    Ha ha ha

    30-31 record of the 6 teams you come running in here to BRAG about.

    Har Bloody Har

    What a damn joke, son.

    30 wins 31 losses.

    # 76 Strength of Schedule by Oregon this ENTIRE damn season of cupcakes exactly like this for Oregon.

    Oregon beat -0- teams who beat a Top 25 team.

    Auburn won 6 games vs Top 25 teams.

    Oregon will be # 7.

    7 wins over Top 21 BCS Ranked teams in the latest poll for Auburn.

    And, you come running in here Down South, Where Football is KING and brag to us about how mighty the OPPONENTS of Oregon are - so Auburn ain't so damn impressive in your bloody book.


    All Oregon can do is run the football.

    The only Strength Auburn has on Defense is you cannot possibly run on Auburn.


    Stick to playing cupcakes out there in the land of Fruit and Nuts, like a Big 10 team in a crappy Rose Bowl every year.

    3 and a half points is ONLY because of posters like you. You probably put your money down on Oregon, like you won't even need the points.

    You have not seen a player like Cam Newton. He will RUN for more yards and more touchdowns by HIMSELF than the entire vaunted Oregon Running Game, combined.

    Hard to believe ?

    Look up at the scoreboard and remember ME.

    Cam Newton will run for 4 TD and PASS for 2 more. Auburn has SO MUCH BETTER A PASSING GAME than Oregon, that they could THROW every down on your and beat you like a DRUM.

    But, Auburn is a RUNNING TEAM.

    # 4 Strength of Schedule Auburn

    # 76 Strength of Schedule Oregon.

    SEC 5 BCS National Championships in ROW.

    SEC NEVER lost a BCS National Championship game

    Oregon beat these 6 teams, so Auburn is not all that impressive to you.

    God Almighty Above.

    What a D.S.

    Please come back.


  8. hahahah where'd you get those strength of schedule numbers? directly from your ass?

    SoS from BCS Computers:

    Auburn - 15
    Oregon - 19

    Auburn - 23
    Oregon - 52

    Auburn - 22
    Oregon - 70

    Auburn - 12
    Oregon - 20

    The other two don't have SoS numbers, and that Colley number is, imo, fairly junk as they have Oklahoma with the hardest schedule in the nation, and who have they played but an overrated Texas and Mizzou (and Nebraska that lost to that horribly overrated Texas team in Lincoln)? They also list Notre Dame as having the 3rd hardest schedule, and rank them at 24th in the nation overall. That's a load of garbage and I'm sure you all know it.

    And we all know that the real reason the Tigers have the higher strength of schedule is because the SEC is a positive feedback loop. The SEC is just assumed, for some reason, to be the best conference in preseason rankings, thus, once they win games it's easier to move to the top of the rankings. I don't believe you can point to the 5 straight championships as proof of conference dominance either, because how asinine and idiotic is it to assign the term "dominance" to a team because of 5 games they won over a 5 year period? When we don't even know if they were facing the best competition? Crunch this number, those of you that blindly rep the SEC: the pac-10 is 12-9 vs. the SEC during the BCS era; THE ONLY conference with a winning record vs the SEC. The pac-10 also has a losing record to just one conference, the big-12, over that time period.

    I would go into explaining the ins and outs of why its collective conference record is an indication of the pac-10's strength, not weakness, but I'm sure you've got about two teeth and a similar number of brain cells in your head, so I'll stop here.

  9. oh, btw, great season yall had bulldawg LOL

  10. one more for a while:


    Brandon Bair: 6'7, 272
    Zac Clark: 6'2 270
    Terrell Turner: 6'3 260
    Kenny Rowe (the thing is, Rowe is less of a lineman than he is a pure pass rusher, and he plays a lot in coverage as well): 6'3, 232 (obviously the guy giving you your lower average)
    Wade Keliikipi: 6'2, 289
    Taylor Hart: 6'2, 262
    Dion Jordan: 6'7, 231

    All of our linebackers are about 230-235.

    The point of the addicted to quack post, since you clearly missed it, was not about Oregon's size. It was about the fact that Auburn is not the biggest team the Ducks will have faced this year. And you can talk all you want about Nick Fairley, the Ducks just shut down a just-as-good, if not better DT in Stephen Paea of Oregon State. Oregon has one of the most experienced O-Lines in the nation, and Auburn simply hasn't faced a running attack like theirs all season. They also have a QB who's thrown 28 TD's and only 7 picks while running for another 5. Obviously he's no Cam, but he can throw the ball....good luck defending that. Everybody knows that Auburn's offense is at least as prolific as Oregon's, but these people talking about how much bigger and better Auburn's defense is are just ludicrously misinformed, ignorant, or blinded by bias.

  11. Number 76 Strength of Schedule Oregon

    Number 4 Strength of Schedule Auburn.

    Auburn is not the biggest team Oregon has played ? Oh, really ? Oregon played the # 1 team in the nation before now. Ha ha ha. Real big opponents you got there talking about 5 opponents, Arizona, Tennessee, UCLA, California and Southern California – with COMBINED WON/LOSS RECORD OF 30-31 losing record – and therefore pipsqueak Oregon has played teams as BIG as Auburn.


    You haven’t even seen a Cam Newton.

    Obviously, your piece of crap QB is NOT Cam Newton. Glad to see you can admit that one. Wonder why that is.

    54-61 is what Oregon's " Opponents " Record is this season.

    76-45 is what Auburn's Opponents Record is this season.

    22 more wins than Oregon's "Opponents"

    16 less losses than Oregon's "Opponents"

    I am so glad that you came in here and WANT TO TALK ABOUT OREGON'S STINKY SCHEDULE.

    Your running game is going NO WHERE vs Auburn.

  12. “The SEC is just assumed, for some reason, to be the best conference”

    Where in the Living Hell, do you get crapola like that ?

    Would having Won the BCS National Championship game every single solitary time we are allowed to play in it, have anything to do with it ?

    Would 5 BCS National Championships in a Row, right now this season, have anything to do with it ?

    Would having the Most Players from The SEC in the NFL, have a thing to do with it ?

    Would the fact that our fans actually follow football and know where the NCAA itself deems Oregon’s Strength of Schedule # 76 in the nation, have anything to do with it ?

    Preseason Polls ?

    The SEC has had the # 1 Team in the Final POLLS every year of the last 5 years consecutively.

    What the blazes is this Preseason Polls, B.S. ?

    Would the fact that The SEC has the Most Bowl Wins EVER and Highest Bowl Win Percentage, Ever, have anything to do with it – do you think ?

    Would the fact that the Highest Paid Coaches in College Football are in The SEC be involved ?

    What about the Highest Paid Assistant Coaches in College Football being in The SEC, too – would that have a bearing on this discussion by ONLY YOU that The SEC is somehow, UNMENTIONED HOW, not the best Conference ?

    Every Poll you put up there in your response has 6 SEC teams ranked in their Top 21 teams in America, be involved do you think in determining that in fact The SEC is and has been the Best Conference in College Football in America ?

    Get over your biased feel-sorry for yourself attitude about The SEC and admit damn it that your stinking little piece of crap conference has 2 teams ranked in the BCS Top 25.


    Of the 2, neither played anyone.

    1 beat the other.

    Other than that, neither even played a Top 25 team.

    The PAC-10 doesn’t even have another team in the Top 50 teams.

    The SEC has the highest attendance and highest TV ratings, while your cupcake games amongst cupcakes so you can play powder-puff Big 10 teams in the stupid little Rose Bowl, you don’t even watch yourselves.

    You don’t even know what the Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is.

    Where did I get that ?

    NFL Draft Picks, Super Bowl Champions, Pro Bowl Players, and Top High School Recruiting Classes – ALL are SEC Teams.

    Always have been

    Always are.

    We win more bowl games than the other conferences because we beat your pitiful little butts like a damn drum.

    Our SEC programs are the most valuable programs in America.

    We make the Most Money.

    We have the best stadiums.

    Our games are EVENTS of the highest order.

    EVERYONE in college football lives on our Pageantry and our Spectacle of our games, every week.

    The SEC has the Most All-America players.

    The SEC is The Standard of Excellence in college football and always has been.

    It is undisputed.

    Second to none.

    Our merchandise is the most purchased every year.

    We have the richest TV contract; I presume that also something that brings you to SEC boards to brag about your "great" team. That the TV networks ALL pay us MORE MONEY than they pay you.

    We distribute the most monies in our SEC Revenue Sharing.

    We sell out our games.

    You couldn’t sell out a game if you gave away free parking, 4 hotdogs, 2 Coca-Colas, 5 bags of boiled peanuts, and free ice cream.

    Nobody cares, nobody bothers about your stinking conference compared to The Mighty SEC.

    5 games The SEC won over 5 years ? What the F is that ? Auburn has Won already 6 games this season against Top 21 teams. Oregon has 1 and it against Stanford who beat no Top 25 team.

    Get over it.

    SEC Dominates College Football.

    Auburn will DOMINATE pipsqueak Oregon.

    We don’t even know Auburn played the best competition ?

    What we do know, is that they did, and that no other team in America even played 6 games against BCS Final Rankings Top 21 teams. Let alone WON ALL 6 games.

    Oregon damn sure did not.


    You asked me where I got Oregon SOS # 76.

    Have the guts to click the URL Link, then by God.

  14. The PAC-10 has not even played The SEC in a Bowl Game in over 22 years now.

    The BCS did not exist prior to 22 years ago.

    BCS Era.

    What a load of hogwash.

    PAC-10 All-Time Wins Official NCAA :

    10 Southern California

    30 California

    43 Oregon

    48 Stanford

    Oh, wow.

    That is really a great freaking conference.

    The # 10, # 30, # 43, and # 48.

    PAC-10 has 1 Top 10 All-Time Football Program

    PAC-10 has 1 Top 25 All-Time Football Program

    SEC :

    8 Alabama

    9 Tennessee, both ahead of PAC-10 # 1 team

    11 Georgia

    12 LSU

    13 Auburn

    21 Arkansas

    23 Florida

    SEC 2 Top 10 All-Time Football Program

    SEC 7 Top 25 All-Time Football Program

    So, you come running here in to brag about what Southern California has done to ride their coat-tails with your 1 PAC-10 Top 25 College Football Program compared to the 7 SEC Top 25 College Football Programs.

    43 Oregon better than # 13 Auburn.

    Yeah, right.

    62-39-5 is the actual record of SEC teams playing football against PAC-10 teams.

    1-time in the entire stinking history of Oregon Ducks football has Oregon ever won 11 games in a season. Now, you play the Official NCAA Strength of Schedule # 76 and you are great ?


    By the way, stinking Oregon has a LOSING RECORD vs The SEC.

    Like I couldn’t have guessed that, either.

    Oregon LOSING RECORD vs The SEC.

    Oregon LOSING RECORD vs The PAC-10.

    Oregon LOSING RECORD vs the Big 10

    Oregon LOSING RECORD vs the Big XII

    Oregon LOSING RECORD vs the ACC

    God Almighty, is there anybody Oregon can beat ?

    Yeah, let’s talk about the PAC-10.

    Hearty laugh on that side-step for obvious reasons.

    9-14 Oregon Ducks football Bowl Record.

    Damn son.

    23 bowl games ?

    Won 9 ?

    Oregon Ducks have LOST 5 of the last 7 bowl games.

    Oregon Ducks football has been playing football since 1893 and won a grand total of nine (9) damn bowl games.

    Wow. You guys are really great.

    54,000 seats Autzen Stadium

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    54,000 seats and you cannot even sell that out ?

    God Almighty Above.

    Oregon Ducks' Football, like your uniforms as well as like your strength of schedule, is a damn joke.

  15. In my opinion Auburn should the right to handle the Oregon because He is a nice and deserving for the Title! Amanda Vanderpool

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