Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Paul Johnson Needs At Tech

As I sat and watched the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets get embarrassed by a group of overachievers from the Air Force Academy last night, it reinforced to me what I already knew was going to happen when Tech hired Paul Johnson. Paul Johnson is without doubt a great football mind. I may even say that he is a great coach...at the RIGHT school.

Johnson is a niche coach who has an offensive scheme that is really hard to stop against equal competition. The problem is that Johnson, now in his third year, is consistently facing superior athletes. The guys that Johnson is able to recruit to play offense are never going to be top caliber stars. Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer, and Bebe Thomas are guys that were already at Tech when Johnson got there, and I find it hard to believe that he is going to be able to recruit talent comparable to those guys in the future.

Why would a 4 or 5 star offensive recruit want to go to Ga Tech when he has aspirations of one day playing in the NFL? Dwyer is the prime example of a guy that thrived in Johnson's scheme at Tech, and then found out that the NFL doesn't want a guy that knows little about how to play in a pro offense.

The only way I see Johnson surviving at Tech is if he goes all out on defense. I think he should place 80% of his recruiting emphasis on getting the best recruits possible to play defense. Then, he can get the 3 star left overs that fit his style of offense. We all know what the formula of a stout running game mixed with a top notch defense can do. What do you guys think? Any Tech fans out there with comments, or are you all already done with Paul Johnson?


  1. As much as I hate tech, I totally agree that he is a great mind, and runs a offense hard to stop. He beat UGA in 2008 only by OUT SCORING us. He had to score 45 points to do so.

    The only reason that game was close is because Georgia couldnt stop Tech either. UGA has scored 42 points the last 2 home games against tech and is only 1-1. You totally hit the nail on the head with the defensive need.

    If he were to go BTTW on defense and get the beasts there, then tech would win.

    That philosphy wouldnt bother me in Athens either. I think thats what we are going for, but year one didnt quite hit like we wanted. If year 2 turns out anything similar defensively, then Tech and GA may be in the same boat.

  2. I agree as well. I also think the reason Tech has beat some teams that were better is because some defenses are not able to get ready for that type of offense in one week, or they don't play their assignments on defense.

  3. Every team should put its best players on defense. That isn't to say that you don't work hard to recruit good offensive players, but if the other team can't score, three star guys can win a bunch of games for the O.

  4. Even at getting 3-star players, Coach Paul Johnson is ranked # 50 EVERY YEAR in recruiting by EVERYONE.

    Georgia tek in football has lost 6 bowl games in a row and has not won a Major Bowl since 1955.

    Georgia tek in football won/lost records all the way back to 1959, is the # 35 football school in the nation.

    They have at most 2 fans. None of their football players are Engineering Majors.

    Their fans are the dirtiest fans anywhere and everywhere, both of them. They throw things on the field, don't come to games, don't watch them on TV and do not travel at all.

    They play WEAK SCHEDULES. This year for example, it was the # 97 NCAA Strength of Schedule.

    Then, you have to live downtown, where when you go outside of a 4-block area, there is nothing but crime.

    Georgia tek has a smaller percentage of their enrollment women than they have Asian Men. This is college. It is supposed to be the best years of their life. Who the hell wants to go there ?

  5. Wow BuLLdawg I don't think you could be a bigger idiot. 1st you need to check yourself on fans... 1 tech has plenty although it is expected to be smaller when you are a fourth of the size of UGA. 2 Tech fans are some of the most respectful I know... the only thing I have ever heard about them negatively is that they are not hardcore enough. I will take that considering the last Tech/UGA game I went to I watched a UGA punch a girl in the face for cheering for tech. You exemplify the reason why UGA fans are thought poorly of by tech and the SEC schools you play against.

    I have to agree with the blog though. Tech has no future with Johnson at the helm. Recruiting is hard enough when the academic restrictions are so high... to slap a you cant get to the pros from here offense on top of it is not the catalyst Tech needs.

    The Johnson experiment was fun but I am ready for June Jones come in and bring some excitement back to the team.

  6. "The problem is that Johnson, now in his third year, is consistently facing superior athletes. "

    And he had superior athletes to his opponents when he was at Navy?

  7. I think the team should be appreciated and to be proud of!
    It should be awarded.. amanda vanderpool fashion



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