Monday, December 13, 2010

The Newtons' Agent Convinces Malzahn To Stay

After reading this, I can only assume that Gus Malzahn was convinced to stay by whatever agent worked out the Cam Newton Deal. Called me greedy, but I ain't turning down $21 million when it's flashed in front of my face! Somebody has to enlighten Vandy to the new age of NCAA football. It's all about the Benjamins baby! Even if they are hidden well beneath the surface!


  1. Bobby lowder must have influenced him to stay just like he influenced cam newton to come there

  2. Come on now, don't be so bitter guys. Cam Newton is great for college football 2010, and were it now for he alone, this season was a bust. Like Herschel Walker, I enjoy watching Cam Newton run Gus Malzahn's plays this season. It is a lot of fun, and have not missed any of their games, either.

    They, together, PASTED us with 49 points. We had NO ANSWER. What we were doing well, Mark Richt and Mike Bobo got away from in their only desire and only discussed, ever, balanced offense. How can you be a balanced offense against a team such as Auburn 2010 who stops the run and not the pass ? I think we are stupid.

    Fans who continue to take shots because EVERY section of This Great Nation voted Cam Newton # 1 college football player - only 4 other winners got more votes than he - come across bitter.

    Gus Malzahn, Cam Newton, and Gene Chizik WON 6 games this season against Teams ranked by EVERY POLL IN AMERICA in the Top 21 teams in college football. We beat none. (Oregon beat no team who beat a team in the Top 25 of ANY POLL and played the # 76 Strength of Schedule, which Auburn played and BEAT all the # 4 Strength of Schedule.)

    What we do around here any more is to not act like gentlemen. Auburn is having a great season. Hats off to them for this. It certainly sounds as if you are, now, going to root for Oregon ?

    Gus Malzahn is not going to leave Auburn University to go be the head coach at Intramural Vandie. How long would he last in his profession ? He has a future. It will not be at Vandie. What is so hard to understand, pray freaking tell, about that, either ?

    Gus Malzahn makes TWICE ( 2 X ) what Todd Grantham makes.

    Mark Richt makes MORE than Mike Smith.

    What parts of these, make sense and which do NOT ?

    What is actually happening here to be reported honestly and fairly, is that Vandie is doing what we should have been working on, ourselves. Exactly as when for example, Chief was left hanging with the vols after they fired National Champion coach Phil Fulmer and we needed a Defensive Coordinator. Mark Richt, as he is doing again now, said at the time, that he was not about to fire Willie Martinez and hire, instead, John Chavis.

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