Thursday, December 9, 2010

CPS Playoffs - Round 1


Yesterday, I posted the 2nd Annual Coleman Playoff System break down. Today, I thought it would be fun to see how the first round might play out (according to my expertise, lol).

#1 Auburn versus #16 Florida International
  • Is there really any question that the Tigers win this game by 4 least! Hey, the bright side is that a program like FIU gets a bit of exposure, and a big pay day!
#2 Oregon versus #15 Miami (OH)
  • This game may be more competitive than one might think. I'm sure Oregon has a hard time getting up for this game, and Miami is no slouch. Still, I think the Ducks win by 17.
#3 TCU versus #14 Connecticut
  • That TCU defense is LEGIT. Plus, with a healthy QB, and the power of Christian prayer, the Horned Toads roll!
#4 Stanford versus #13 Central Florida
  • On any given day, Stanford may be the best team in America. Luck is my top pick in the draft this year, and he would light up that CFU secondary!
#5 Wisconsin versus #12 Nevada
  • Wisconsin is what the Big Ten is all about; power and strength. Nevada will be outmatched, but still keeps it close.
#6 Ohio State versus #11 Virginia Tech
  • It's hard to bet against this pissed off VTech team right now. They are on a ROLL with 11 wins in a row since the embarrassing start to the season. The Hoakies win on a last second field goal in what is the best game of the first round!
#7 Oklahoma versus #10 Boise State
  • They did it once, so why can't they do it again with a better team! Boise wins in another thriller!
#8 Arkansas versus #9 Michigan State
  • MSU hasn't seen the fire power they will face in this game. I think Arkansas will win handily!
The naysayers can say what they want to, I think a playoff makes for some damn good football. Round two should be even better, so come back tomorrow to see who wins!

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