Monday, December 20, 2010

Bobo's Opportunity for Respect

UCF is 10-3, so they obviously are not going to roll over like Louisiana Lafayette, right? That being said, the Dawgs out man the Knights easily...on paper. The funny thing about paper is that it doesn't hold up very well when you dump the kind of crap on it we have been dumping all season!

I'm sure most of you are tired of reading the specifics as to why Mike Bobo has been less than perfect when calling plays this year. Yes, we scored 30+ points a whole heap of times this season, but Mikey boy has a problem with taking his foot off the pedal at really bad times (see GaTech game). It's pretty hard to argue that Bobo is a good QB coach, since he produces pretty good talent at that position year after year, sans Joe Cox. The problem lies in his overall play calling, and most notably his insistence on having a balanced offense just for the sake of balance.

Back to the UCF bowl game...Mike, if we possibly can, lay the hammer down! Let Murray throw it 50+ times if the defense is giving it to us. I remember when we threw the ball 3 times in a row, successfully, to AJ Green against Tech, then we just stopped throwing the ball down field much of the second half! In the Liberty Bowl, let's see if we can set a new record for the most consecutive passes thrown to one player in a row! How about it? Can we go balls out?

GATA Dawgs!


  1. i actually want to see a better run game so we don't have to throw it 50 times, Murray can't take the pounding, and the WR core isn't deep enough to have them running routes all game.

  2. and by "can't" I don't mean he can't, because he has shown his toughness. I mean we can't afford to throw 50 playaction passes without a good run game.

  3. Normally, I would completely agree with you about establishing a sound running game, but we're obviously not built for that this year. It sure seems as though we are built to throw it down the field though. I'm not sure what you mean about the WR core not being deep? AJ Green and Durham are as good as anybody, and Orson Charles, Aron White, T. King, and Marlon Brown are not too shabby!

  4. I say if we are running it with Success ala Tech '09, then RUN THE D*** ball.

    If they are giving us the 15-20 chunks, then Throw the Stupid thing.

    One way or the other, SOMETHING should be WIDE OPEN all day. Take it, exploit it, and GATA!!

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