Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lattimore's Mom Tells On Auburn

A South Carolina fan sent me this link today, and it's a pretty interesting read for those obsessed with Camgate.

Smith says Luper (Auburn Coach) made so many promises to her son that she had to ask him to stop.


  1. Tells on what? that he would play and be a star. I think the AU coaches saw how good he was. This is the UGA blog right? Shouldn't the blog be about uga and its huge game against Central Florida? Or how the uga coaches are recruiting the top Georgia players and trying to keep them home and play at uga?

  2. Since it's my blog, I figure I can pretty much write about things as I see fit. Thanks for reading though Anon!

  3. Rename it i am obsessed with Auburn blog

  4. Anon, that doesn't really have a ring to it. How about, "I love to talk about things that are related to UGA". Oh, never mind, UGABlog is way better! Hey, by the way, what conference does UGA play in? Last time I checked, it was the SEC. Same as AU.

  5. Or better yet, Aubsessed. That has a nice ring to it.

  6. By the way, Wisconsin is the Big Ten Champ this season, hence the reason they are in the Rose Bowl. Just thought I would let you know.

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