Friday, December 10, 2010

Georgia HS Football In The Dome

I have been eager all day to get home and watch the start of the GHSA football state championship games today. I was shocked to read an article today in the AJC that says Georgia High School coaches don't want to play their championship games in the Georgia Dome.
Fifty-four percent of the 147 high school coaches who responded to GHSF Daily’s e-mail survey said that the Georgia Dome should have remained the site for the semifinals,which it was from 1994 through 2007.
The article above can be read in it's entirety, but that basically sums up the position taken by coaches. I like the idea of having the game in the dome because it levels the playing field, and makes it fun for football fans to come watch some excellent football in good weather. I do see the point of wanting to play a state championship game own your on field, but playing in the Dome is a chance of a lifetime for most of these athletes!

You South Georgia folks just need to face the fact that North Georgia is where it's at! :)

Tune in to GPTV today and tomorrow to watch several future Dawgs as they display their talents in the Dome!


  1. Will the last person to leave south Georgia please turn off the lights!!!

  2. We need them to keep producing all that talent though! Another Herschel is coming one of these days!

  3. I read the whole thing, and one coach preferred having the semifinals there so that more kids get that chance to play in the dome. Makes sense.

  4. You folks call yourselves southerners. Anything from Macon up sounds like you came from Ohio. And we have very good talent in the south.

  5. Isn't the Dallas HS Football Championship at Cowboys Stadium? That's a big deal there.

  6. Expecting this must be a good game! Amanda Vanderpool

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