Friday, December 3, 2010


My partners and I are considering a new business plan. The tentative name of this business is "5 Star Recruiting Pimps: We'll get you paid; just don't tell your kid about it!"

Most of you know by now that the NCAA, in it's retarded decision, has opened up a whole world of new business opportunities. All a parent has to do now is solicit the help of an "agent" to help them get money for having their child go to a certain college and play sports.

I'm thinking that the finders fee for our business' services will be somewhere around 25%. We will be consulting other "experts" in this field to see if this is an appropriate fee. Rodney Garner, Coach Richt, and company, are you listening? I know people that know people that know people! These "people" have hefty bank accounts, and ways of hiding the "exchanges" of said monies!


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