Monday, November 29, 2010

The UGA Facebook Diatribe

My wife is almost 4 months pregnant, and she made convinced me to stay at home and watch the UGA versus GaTech game on TV this past weekend. Instead of posting my rants on this blog as the game went on, Facebook felt the wrath of my anger and joy throughout the contest. Sunday, I found it extremely entertaining to go back and read my Facebook wall and the comments that were made by me and some of my friends. It was so interesting to re-hash my Facebook play-by-play that I thought you may enjoy a few of the quotes/comments as well.

Over half of my posts have been omitted:

Look at that white boy runnnnnnnnnnnnn! Woof Woof Woof!

Rambo bringin' the hamma!

When your QB is 7/8 for 158yds and 2 TDs...what should you do?

Wow, how do you get the ball spotted in the exact same place when you just gained 2 feet?

Shocking news Dawg fans: We throw the ball again and move it straight down the field! Murray is the MAN!

Mike Bobo, that may have been the best designed running play I have seen from UGA in 3 years!

Why do they even have instant replay in college football? What a JOKE!

If they give that fumble back to them, I am going to be LIVID!

Richt is going to get fired based on the shear fact that he is a "timeout MORON"! Someone tell him there is a whole quarter of football left in a TIGHT GAME!

Apparantly it is now legal to tackle someone by their facemask in PLAIN SIGHT!

God must have seen it too!

Conventional wisdom says to run the ball right now. REALITY says that they haven't stopped our passing game ALL DAY LONG!

Todd Grantham is NOT earning 1/12 of his $750,000 salary tonight!


Sarah, if we lose this game, hide all of the sharp objects in the house!

Go for it, we can't stop them anyways!

To all of my neighbors, I am sorry for that barking incident that just occurred outside of my front door.

Is it just me, or does Josh Nesbitt look like he is 42 years old?

I could go on and on, but I do have a job to get to in the morning!

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