Friday, November 12, 2010

Newton Will Play, Or Won't He?

As a true Dawg fan, I hope that we get the chance to BEAT down the Tigers with Newton on the field tomorrow. Will we? That question may not be as solid of a yes as it was yesterday after all of these facts have come out.

Why does the FBI want to talk to Bond? "They don't want people shopping children around for thousands of dollars," Bond said.

Even if Newton received no money to attend Auburn, soliciting money can be an NCAA violation, jeopardizing Newton's eligibility.

I have stood on the fence as far as passing judgement on this story all week long. Now, I am pretty darn sure that Auburn might be screwed. The NCAA has a reputation of getting pissed off when schools play athletes knowing the $hit is about to hit the fan. If I am AU right now and I know something of fact, I tell the kid he is sitting this one out. We'll see at 3:30 Saturday.

Either way...GO DAWGS, beat the Tigers/Plainsmen/War Eagles/Identity Crisisers


  1. This will not end well for Auburn as the NCAA looks like fools for not resolving this much earlier. They will find something here.

  2. kevin says:

    Might as well play him. 0-12 is no different than 1-11 or 2-10 if AU forfeits all the games in 3 years. I Think Miss. State will get hurt the worse in this. Way to many holes in their story. Cecil asked for money in Nov during recruiting but MSU does not turn in until after losing him to AU. Cecil met with MSU money booster, who set that up? MSU recruiters "say cecil asked for money" that can only be coaches or student host, i do not think cecil would talk money with a host.

  3. other kevin,

    they don't forfit games in this instant, they vacate them. meaning they never took place, they don't get turned into losses.

    also, MSU turned them in in January, not after they lost to them. It only became aware to the media lately, but the SEC and NCAA have know for almost 11 months now

  4. kevin says:

    but the conversation happened in November, nothing was sent to the SEC till Jan and even then the supposed conversations were not included in the full turn over in July. This might turn into a complete Miss State thing. No one has found anything tied to AU yet. I am not saying AU has not paid him, just saying there has not been one accusation against AU. I am tired of unnamed sources, say who is talking or don't report it, or at least confirm with multiple sources.

  5. Go read the article I linked to. There is a very credible source now being interviewed by the FBI Tuesday.

  6. Cecil is the source. He said the reports are 100 percent true. Cam is finished in college. The NFL doesn't care; just look at Reggie Bush. As for Heisman : gone. As for BCS NC Game : gone. No idea why Cecil came clean. There was no evidence until he did. Perhaps he thinks he can hire a lawyer and fight the NCAA on the issue of Cecil is Guilty of attempted Extortion. Preacher Cecil will have this on his Gravestone. If we can beat Kodi Burns who sux, we will be the only team with a win over Auburn. The NCAA has their rules and they are quite clear on them. You can hire a lawyer and argue the point from their own words. But, Cecil did ask for money from Missy State on Nov 27. Missy State reported it to SEC Jan. SEC immediately asked for details and none were provided saying they were busy with eligibility of other athletes in other sports. July Missy State finally replied. Not 1 word of any of this is in the report. Mike Slive is po'd at Missy State. Now, Missy State says truth November 12. Missy State should have done this on Nov 27, not Nov 12. We also have charges pending against the person at Florida who released the federally protected data. Cam will go # 1 in the draft. That is the end of this. Auburn is 0-0 on the season. You cannot ask for money. This is not NCAA. This is the law. Cecil has to serve time. I guess the pressure was too much. We have a chance to square 1 of about 15 rivalries we trail in. Auburn knew all this Nov 27 by the way. To discuss this further is a waste of time. Cecil cannot ask for money. No one can go to a Church where Cecil is in the pulpit. I am sad for my sport, college football. Cecil has not a damn thing to do with this great sport. Cecil has ruined this season for all of us. And, it will hang over this sport, forever. Did this guy ask for money; that's all anyone will ever say about this sport now. And, so high profile. We have and will continue to get the BS about we should pay the kids, that the NCAA and CBS Sports ESPN AJ-C make all these monies and the kids get nothing - yet, Cam's degree at Auburn would have made him 2 million dollars over what 20 years if he didn't play football ? 10 years. The education itself cost my dear ole Dad, everything. Grits and biscuits. I got no scholarship back then. I worked. I studied. I went to practice at 5 am before dawn. I played all afternoons. I slept a little, even then with a book in my hands and a small light to keep from disturbing my scholarship roommate. Everything Cam did in this Cam Scam is gone. All the games of his I watched, and I saw them all. And, now we play Kodi Burns 6' 2" 207 lbs not 6' 6" 257 lbs with 4.51 speed. Damn you Cecil. God might Forgive him; I sure don't. I am a Southern Gentleman; you screw us once, you are toast. If I were a Cam fan, I could always watch him in the NFL. I am a college fan; and proud of it.

    Missy State has to pay for all this.

    Florida has to pay for all this.

    Auburn has to pay for all this.

    I bet you Oklahoma has to pay for all this.

    This game is a Dud now. Combined in week 11 the two teams have 5 wins. Auburn will not be ranked in any poll on Monday.

    He cannot play.

    We had a great sport here in The SEC. It had been great fun. This will be known as the Cecil effect

    on this sport.

  7. Kevin says:

    AU had long discussion with NCAA after they interviewed the newtons. Their decision is to play him.

  8. Their decision is to go all in. It will bite them in the ass HARD. Mark my word.

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