Monday, November 8, 2010

Cam "Hide Your Laptop" Newton

I have a friend that keeps calling #2 from Auburn, Cam "Heisman" Newton. So, as any good Dawg fan would, I coined the phrase Cam "Hide Your Laptop" Newton. It seems like a much more fitting name to me seeing as how the Heisman trophy is supposedly given to a player that shows this:
“The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

Due to the fact that this story is absolutely true, Cam Newton is not a Heisman Candidate in my mind.

On the flip side though, how is Corch Meyer justifying letting Chris Rainey play after what he did, but kicked Newton off the team? Oh, how I hate the Gators, and all they stand for!


  1. newton wasn't kicked off the team idiot

  2. I guess you wouldn't vote for James, since he pleaded guilty to a charge related to domestic violence. Should AJ Green receive votes for the Biletnikoff for his dealings with an agent?

  3. Anon 10:41,
    Is that all you've got? I've been called worse! Newton left because he just didn't fit in, right? Call it what you will, "kicked-off", "quit", "transferred"'s all the same to me when it was because he committed 3 FELONIES!

    Anon 10:47,
    I wouldn't vote for James either. Nor would I vote for Green because he missed 4 games, not because of his dealing with an "agent".

  4. Come on Andy, he made a mistake and paid his price. I am sure there are a few Heisman winners out there who can say the same thing. The guy is the best player in college football this year HANDS DOWN!! You cannot take that away no matter who he plays for. Who would you give it to since you are basically deleting the two best players in the nation? Andrew Luck? Kellen Clemens? Mark Ingram?

  5. cam "200 thou" newton

  6. Bo, you know I'm a really conservative, Christian man. I have no mercy for THUGS.

    As for other winners, there are a few that I would take the trophy away from!

    Maybe we can have two trophies. 1) Heisman, 2)The Pacman Jones award.

    If I am not mistaken, Newton and Pacman both went to Westlake High.

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