Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Piss on Georgia Tech

I happened to run across another case of the famous Pissing Uga's in my attic while digging out Christmas decorations. The Uga Statue's that I have are pictured below, except for one big difference: all I have left are in RED JERSEYS (black jersey upon request)! I will try to get some new pictures and post them with the red jersey asap. Just send an email or comment on this thread if you are interested. These things make great Christmas gifts for any Dawg fan. I have pictures somewhere of the statue peeing on a Yellow Jacket, Gator, etc.

GO DAWGS, beat the NERDS!


  1. How much are they??? I would love to get a black Jersey one or one pissing on a yellow jacket? How big are they also?

  2. Hey!

    I realize that it is a long time since you posted this, but I am desperate to get an UGA like this, preferably in the red jersey. Are these still available? I am willing to pay extra for overnight shipping if possible.


    J.C. Reddick

  3. I am also definetly also interested in one of these in a red jersey, and I would also be willing to pay for overnight shipping. I would want the dog by itself, and not lifting his leg on anything. How much for the dog alone, and for the cost of the added shipping. Please email me as soon as possible. Tina Williams- email- Thanks.

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